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Should The Patriots Make A Run At This Promising Player?

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Should the Patriots attempt to trade for Jerry Jeudy?

The Patriots struggled on offense in 2022 ranking at the bottom end of the NFL. With an upgrade at offensive coordinator in Bill O’Brien and another year under Mac Jones’ belt, the New England offense should see a steady progression. Despite this, New England still doesn’t have a true number-one receiver, nor a player who can develop into one. Should the Patriots look into trading for a promising wide receiver in Jerry Jeudy?

The Patriots Need To Make An Offer

Jerry Jeudy broke out in 2022 finishing with 67 catches for 972 yards. This was done with Russell Wilson who had a very underwhelming year. Wilson only threw for 16 touchdowns the whole year. Throughout his career, Jeudy has not gotten good quarterback play from Russell Wilson and Drew Lock.

Jeudy had 856 yards in his first year, 467 the next year but was limited due to injury, then 972. It’s safe to assume that Jerry Jeudy has not hit his ceiling yet, which is exactly why the Patriots should make an effort to trade for him. Jerry Jeudy broke out towards the end of the year with two games out of the last three with over 100 yards. Jeudy has shown the potential to create separation and the ability to become an elite receiver.

Role On The Patriots

Jeudy would be the best receiver in New England, and he has Alabama connections with Mac Jones. Giving Mac Jones a familiar receiver who has the talent to be a true number one would be a great addition. Mac Jones hasn’t had a true wide receiver throughout his career, and Jeudy’s ability to create separation and route running would be a welcome addition.

With Jeudy being the one receiver Jakobi Meyers could go to the number two spot if he returns, and Devante Parker as the three, which are most suited roles for them. Jeudy is still young and has the potential to develop in a stable situation.

The chemistry he and Mac Jones have would be a great thing to build on, and it would help Mac develop as a passer. Jeudy gets a stable situation while Mac gets a potential star receiver. The Patriots could try and get Jeudy for a second-round pick and a fifth, or give up a first-rounder if they are making an aggressive push. There have been rumors that Jeudy is available, and if he is New England should attempt to trade for the potential future star.


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