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Should The Patriots Look To An Old Rival For Coaching Help?

Some potential perspective coaching hires for the Patriots to consider during a season where they seem to have trouble finding cohesion.

Bill Belichick and the Patriots have made an assortment of shared enemies and rivals over the span of their dominant reign as a consistent contender in recent NFL history. Whilst Belichick has remained a constant and familiar presence on the sidelines of New England, most teams in the league have gone through numerous changes within the ranks of their perspective coaching staffs. As a result of which, many former coaches who were once seen as rivals are currently without a team or have taken a job providing commentary for one of the various NFL media outlets.

There are a number of high-profile coaching “free agents,” so to speak, who could potentially be valuable assets to our struggling coaching staff that has been built almost entirely in-house. Sometimes it’s good to get a fresh perspective and pair of eyes. With certain potential coaching hires having spent time with rival organizations, their information could prove invaluable. So today, we’re going to discuss the likelihood of a few random coaches/potential coaches the Patriots could hire and the impact they could provide.


A fair amount of people throughout Patriots Nation have expressed adamant displeasure with the coaching staff this year, most of the criticism directed towards Matt Patricia. There are plenty of detractors out there willing to question some of the other coaches as well, including but not limited to Bill Belichick, Joe Judge, and Steve Belichick.

Obviously, we’re not going to replace Bill as Head Coach; as far as me, most fans, and the Kraft family are concerned, he has a lifetime pass. But beyond that, nothing is really out of the question regarding a coaching change, given the natural evolution of things in the NFL.

I’m not saying the Patriots should be replacing any current coaches; contrary to popular belief, I think the coaches are doing a decent enough job this year, and I’m simply suggesting that maybe we bring in another brain and shuffle the coaches around a bit more, in an attempt to see if we can’t find something that works a little better or whatever. Obviously, things as they are currently could stand to improve.

Frank Reich

During the height of the Patriots/Colts, Brady/Manning rivalry days, Frank Reich was a big reason why the Colts were repeat contenders. In his two years as QB Coach with the Colts, working with Peyton Manning, Frank Reich managed a 24-8 record during a span which would help Peyton Manning achieve a plethora of records and an appearance in the big game (Super Bowl), which they would ultimately go on to lose 31-17 to the New Orleans Saints.

All those Brady/Manning rivalry games when they were both arguably in their prime were usually close as hell and always worth tuning in for. Frank Reich was standing tall on the Indianapolis sidelines in those days, matching Belichick’s genius at a level that most coaches could only hope to, consistently during those years, with incredibly close Colts/Pats scores such as 31-28 and 35-34.

It definitely wouldn’t hurt to have his perspective on things over on our sideline. Given the apparent struggle of Patriots QBs this year, Reich could prove to be a perfect fit based on his time spent as a QB coach for one of the best QBs ever, and he would likely be an invaluable acquisition for the Patriots coaching staff.

What’s the likelihood that this actually happens? Not great. Bill tends to pluck his coaches from in-house whenever possible, and it’s even rarer he considers a rival for a spot within his kingdom. I’m pretty sure he hates the Colts and probably despises Frank Reich, and this would probably never happen purely based on that. It would, however, be great for the team, and Bill Belichick has proven time and time again that he’ll always do what he thinks is best for the team… So, you know, you never know.

Likelihood Meter (3 out of 10)

Rex Ryan

Lol, what if? Could Bill and Rex ever mend their differences and come together in pursuit of glory through the most unexpected team-up of rivals since Lex Luthor and Superman?

Ryan was a top-notch defensive mind/coach… and personally, as someone who loves it when enemies can become friends, I would love to be in the timeline where Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick team up to make Patriots history. Unfortunately, it’s not this one.

Likelihood Meter (0 out of 10)

Kevin James (Sean Payton)

Bill and Sean were never really rivals in the traditional sense. Still, they were rival peers within the confines of the NFL, as two coaches considered at the top of their class and perennial competitors.

It’s likely Sean is enjoying his retirement and the time he’s spent as a commentator working alongside former Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy. He and Dungy are a pleasant combo, and he seems like he’s enjoying his time behind the desk so far, so his coming back to the NFL seems pretty unlikely at this point.

However, The Colts (speaking of them) just plucked another commentator/analyst from his cushy job at ESPN to become a Head Coach, so it’s not out of the question that Sean Payton leaves his analyst job for another crack at coaching at some point. I’d expect him to finish out this year as a commentator at least, though, and perhaps pursue a new coaching position next year during the offseason if he was going to. Although, you never know what somebody’s going to say if the greatest coach of all time calls them up and asks them to join them for a championship run and another shot at glory.

I would love to have Kevin James on the Patriot’s sidelines each week; that would be sick.

Likelihood Meter (1 out of 10)

Josh McDaniels

This isn’t a rival. Obviously, it’s an old friend, but McDaniels is worth mentioning because many people are predicting that his days as the Head Coach of Las Vegas are numbered. He might find himself headed back to New England any day now, returning to an open-armed Bill Belichick who’ll let him know that he took him for granted and everyone on the Patriots will be a happy family again. We’ll win six more Super Bowls and live happily ever after. …

In reality, he’s not going anywhere, at least not this year. His job is reportedly secure for now, and he and the lowly, LOWLY Raiders will get another chance to find success this year and at the beginning of next year, at the very least, before he’s ejected from the hot seat and comes crawling back to New England… Again.

Likelihood Meter (1 out of 10 That he’ll be back this year) [9 out of 10 that he’ll be back in the future]

James White

Once again, not a rival, but recently retired Patriots legend James White could once again prove to be a valuable asset within the organization, this time as a possible candidate for an RB coach. He was quoted as having been a key inspiration by Rhamondre Stevenson just last week, and there are already rumors circulating that James White is being considered for a coaching position. Why not bring him in immediately and see if he can help boost the morale of this team in any way? He’s a great dude, and his former teammates look up to him.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing James White again soon. See you soon, James White.

Likelihood Meter (8 out of 10)


I don’t know what to do about this team, and I don’t necessarily know what changes could benefit the coaching staff… What I do know is that some Patriots fans all throughout New England and the USA, have been voicing their opinions that they’re not happy with the coaching staff and that they’d like to see some changes made. Realistically, there aren’t many changes that could actually be made at this point within this specific organization outside of a total overhaul.

If people are hoping for a complete and total rebuild, god help us all. I don’t know how you could choose to tempt the dice of fate in search of a new coaching tree when we have one of the greatest coaches in sports history. What the heck is wrong with you people? Go, Bill. Go, Matt. Go, Joe. Go, Steve. Go, Jerod. Go Pats!

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