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Should The Miami Dolphins Make A Trade For This Linebacker?

The Miami Dolphins could improve at the inside linebacker position. Would it make things better for the Dolphins if they traded for Roquan Smith?

If you look at the Miami Dolphins depth chart released this week, there aren’t a lot of glaring holes as in years past. The Dolphins don’t lack of pass catchers, which is something that is unfamiliar to the Dolphin fanbase. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a time when Miami had a better group of skill players on offense in the last 20 years. It seems as if for years the Dolphins got players from other teams that were on their way to retirement and their better days were behind them.

On the offensive side of the ball, the only real issue is still the offensive line. After adding Terron Armstead and Connor Williams in Free Agency, the new Mike McDaniel coaching staff seems to believe they can re-scheme our young line into an immovable force. Matt Applebaum and company will have their work cut out for them as they try to transition the offensive line that ranked last in pass blocking efficiency in 2021.

Would It Change Miami Dolphins Season By Trading For This ILB?

On the defensive side of the ball, I believe the hole is obvious and has been since Zack Thomas left the Dolphins in 2007. Going back to the “Players come to Miami to retire” mentality, Joey Porter was an exciting pickup. After falling short of Jason Taylor’s single season sack record by one in 2008, he played just one more season for the fins and then finished out his career in Arizona. And still, he was an outside linebacker.

Our MLB teams have always lacked the kind of brute force that scares quarterbacks on Sunday, at least since Thomas. Channing Tindall was a good pick up in this year’s draft, but he still has quite a bit of development needed to acclimate to the difference in game speed between college football and the NFL. Jerome Baker is a fan favorite, but undersized and sometimes disappears during games.

Elandon Roberts has battled back from injuries and can be a solid lane filler in the run game but lacks the speed and agility to play effective pass coverage in the NFL, where linebackers are expected to cover tight ends who run a sub 4.4 forty. If I could name a group the Miami Dolphins probably need the most help at, it probably is still the offensive line depth.

Miami Dolphins/Chicago Bears Trade: What’s It Look Like?

The reality of the NFL is that there’s only so many snaps in an NFL game. On the high end, most NFL teams are only going to throw the ball forty, maybe fifty times if they’re down more than they’d like in the second half. With the amount of depth, the Dolphins have at receiver, and Preston Williams expressing his frustrations with lack of opportunity, the Miami Dolphins could benefit from shipping him to the Midwest.

On Tuesday, Chicago Bears LB Roquan Smith sent out a message to Bears fans detailing the frustration he has faced in obtaining a contract extension to stay in Chicago. He said that he wanted to be with the Bears for life, but they’re only giving him “take it or leave it” deals, so he is formally requesting a trade. It just makes since then, right?

Bears lost N’Keal Harry earlier this week with a high ankle sprain that could sideline him for several weeks, and Byron Pringle who just signed in free agency from Kansas City is sidelined with a quadriceps injury, Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune reports. They need pass catchers in the Windy City with the other names on the depth chart being players that would make the most avid football fans go “Who?”

Before drawing any conclusions, I’m in no way suggesting we trade an oft injured wideout straight across for an All-Pro inside linebacker. Ryan Poles, the Bears general manager, would be working at your local Popeye’s before the first preseason game if that happened. But bear with me for a moment and let’s breakdown some trade scenarios that could become a real possibility in the coming weeks.

Would The Miami Dolphins Sell The Farm?

It’s known that Preston Williams is frustrated with his usage up to this point in camp. He said that he just wanted an opportunity on Twitter just a week ago, and if we’re being honest, nobody has seen much coverage of him in the training camp film released so far. Could the Dolphins ship Williams plus a premium pick to the Bears for Roquan Smith? This is probably the most likely scenario. It may involve multiple players or a bundle of picks.

The major issue in shipping young players and picks in a trade is it changes the outlook for the future of the team. With Miami losing a first-round pick in 2023 and a third-round pick in 2024, the draft capital available for the trade is greatly limited. The Dolphins could trade the 49ers first rounder that we have from the trade where they moved up to take Trey Lance, but then we would be twiddling our thumbs during the draft again come April.

Fans on Twitter have thrown around Mike Gesicki’s name, but I don’t see that happening. Gesicki’s play style isn’t ideal for a traditional two tight end set that McDaniel will probably implement with his zone run game. And the 2018 second-round pick from Penn State isn’t known for being an outstanding blocker. He ran 137 snaps from the slot position as opposed to only thirteen as a true “tight end.” I still believe with Mike Gesicki’s athletic ability that Mike McDaniel finds a way to incorporate him into his offense.

When all is said and done, I don’t believe Miami will have Roquan Smith on their roster, this season anyways. The cost could end up being too much to couple with the punishment the league cast down last week. Whoever trades for Roquan Smith will be on the hook to pay the twenty-five-year-old All-Pro. And that itself may keep a trade from taking place that would send Smith to man the middle of an already elite defense.


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