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Should The Chargers Sign This Star Player?

With the Chargers parting ways with Brandon Staley and bringing in Jim Harbaugh, this is a new era for them. The Chargers have multiple needs to fix, including running back. Should the Chargers bring in Saquon Barkley?

Dynamic Receiving Option

With the Chargers already having their franchise quarterback in Justin Herbert, their priority should be to maximize his talent. Los Angeles already has Keenan Allen as their receiver one, but he's starting to get older. They also have Quentin Johnston, who they hope can translate to the NFL under a more proven coach in Jim Harbaugh.

Austin Ekeler had a strong regression last year, averaging only 3.5 yards per carry. Ekeler was commanding top-of-the-market money last year, and if that's true this year, signs point to both of them parting ways. What made Austin Ekeler such a great fit for the Chargers was his dual-threat abilities as a rusher and pass-catching option. Ekeler was capable of creating big plays out of short checkdowns.

Barkley provides a similar skillset to Ekeler. When healthy, Barkley is usually going to generate over 55 receptions a season and he averaged 4.3 yards per carry throughout his career with the Giants, with a below-average offensive line. Barkley's ability to create big plays and provide a simple outlet for Justin Herbert makes him a great fit for the Chargers

Balances The Offense

Barkley has been a workhorse back throughout his career and can carry the load as the rusher. Jim Harbaugh's teams usually have a strong rushing attack complemented by efficient quarterback play, and signing Barkley would provide a much-needed balance to the Chargers' offense. 

The Chargers have been heavily reliant on Herbert as a thrower, and pairing him with an elite rusher like Barkley would provide a very lethal combination for opposing defenses.


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