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Shocking Titans Three-Team Trade Could Send Derrick Henry To NFC South

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

With rumors popping up this week that the Tennessee Titans could move on from All-Pro running back Derrick Henry, it is very possible he could be traded during the 2023 NFL Draft.

Although the Titans’ general manager said he did not receive any trade calls yet for Henry, it is very possible that a team will make an offer this week, or that Tennessee includes him in a deal to trade up.

The Falcons Could Be A Good Fit For Henry

One of these suitors could be the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have spent a lot of money this offseason and could target the former 2,000-yard runner to boost their offense and compete for a playoff spot in the wide-open NFC South.

Although they have running back Tyler Allgeier, who had over 1,000 rushing yards last season, they might be looking for an established superstar running back to boost them, just like San Francisco 49ers traded for superstar back Christian McCaffery, who made a big impact on the team’s journey to the NFC championship game.

But the Titans most likely want to trade up to the third-overall pick as reports say they want to move on from veteran Ryan Tannehill, which would save a lot of cap space, but they aren’t confident in former Liberty standout Malik Willis, who struggled last season in his rookie campaign failing to throw more than 200+ yards in his few starts, leading to third-string quarterback Josh Dobbs to take over.

The Trade Proposal

In this trade proposal, the Arizona Cardinals would join the deal allowing the Titans to trade up to third-overall and select one of the top quarterbacks in the draft, likely CJ Stroud, or Anthony Richardson. Arizona would trade back and coup up some draft picks and hope that one of the better defensive players fall such as Jalen Carter or Will Anderson Jr.

  1. Arizona trades: 2023 first-round pick (3), 2024 second-round pick, 2024 sixth-round pick

  2. Arizona receives: 2023 first-round pick (8), 2023 first-round pick (11)

  3. Tennessee trades: running back Derrick Henry, 2023 first-round pick (11), 2023 third-round pick (72)

  4. Tennessee receives: 2023 first-round pick (3), 2024 second-round pick (from AZ)

  5. Atlanta trades: 2023 first-round pick (8)

  6. Atlanta receives: running back Derrick Henry, 2023 third-round pick (72), 2024 sixth-round pick (from AZ)

Why It Makes Sense

In this deal, the Cardinals get two first-round picks this year by trading down, but the cost is sending a second and a sixth next year. This is a good start to get back into the postseason and hoping the rookies develop to be stars next season when quarterback Kyler Murray is fully healthy.

For the Titans, this allows the team to select its quarterback of the future while adding a second-round pick next season, which could be used to improve a specific area of need, such as a receiver or offensive line.

The Falcons trade a first-round pick and in return get a superstar running back, a third-round pick, and a sixth the next season. With getting a caliber running back like Henry without giving up a huge load of draft picks like the 49ers did should be a win for Atlanta.

This trade could work out for all sides and also be one of the most chaotic draft deals of all time. It could backfire for the Titans if they make the wrong choice at quarterback, Atlanta if Henry isn’t as good as in past years, or Arizona if they draft busts with their picks. Only time will tell, but at the moment this trade would be one for the ages, and help all sides involved.


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