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Sherrone Moore Is About To Be The Luckiest Coach In America

The Michigan Wolverines kept their perfect season alive after a 30-24 win over Ohio State on Saturday, and interim head coach Sherrone Moore again proved the doubters wrong.

Moore was named the interim head coach for the last three games due to head coach Jim Harbaugh being suspended by the Big Ten for cheating.

During the last three weeks, Moore was dealt a tough hand, having to play two great football teams, Penn State and Ohio State.

Michigan was able to have its way with both opponents, and Moore looked like a guy who could one day be the head coach of the program.

The funny thing is Moore will likely be the next head coach of the Wolverines, and it will probably come at some point next season.

Moore Got Off Easy

Michigan is under one of the biggest cheating scandals in all sports, and Harbaugh will most likely leave to take an NFL job or be out of coaching in 2024 due to all the allegations.

Michigan will need to hire a new man for the job, and why not hire Moore, who just had the two biggest wins of the season in the last three weeks?

You can tell that every single player loves and wants to play for him and he would be the perfect guy to bring this program out of the basement due to all the violations they're about to receive.

Moore has to be the luckiest guy in America right now. He also has been part of this huge cheating scandal, and instead of getting any punishment, he has been awarded the interim job and will most likely be the next head coach.

Isn't America great you can cheat for three straight years? Watch your head coach get in trouble for it, and you take all the credit and his job and pay no consequences.

Moore should be thanking his lucky stars because usually cheaters get in trouble and lose their jobs, but in this case, Moore is about to have the biggest promotion of his life.

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