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Seven Round Patriots Mock Draft 3.0

The 2022 NFL Draft is so close the community can almost taste it. Most people have a mock draft going on their phones, tablets, or laptops. As for myself this probably was my 100th Patriots mock draft of the season. I have fallen right down the draft rabbit hole

This particular mock draft came together nicely. Although there is a lot of movement New England definitely comes away with a great haul.

First Round 21st – Jordan Davis, DL, Georgia

Luckily, this simulation granted the team the ability to take the best defensive lineman in the class. Jordan Davis would be a day one starter. He can immediately plug the holes when stopping the run, he also is a pass-rush threat.

Adding Davis to Christain Barmore and Matt Judon would also alleviate the pressure on the secondary. His elite athleticism would go a long way in chasing down Josh Allen and others like him.

For a more in-depth look at Jordan Davis, you can check out my Prospect Profile on him.

Second Round 54th- Trade, Trade, Trade, Trade,

The first trade was made with The Jets, with The Patriots sending picks #54, 85, 184 and received picks #38, 111, 163. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the board when waiting in between picks. Once I saw which players were available, trading back down from 38 seemed like the right idea.

The Seahawks were interested in moving up slightly to get their QB Desmond Ritter so they accepted the team’s offer. New England sent picks #38,111,158, 200 for picks #41 and 72. With the board very similar and teams still calling for the pick, New England moved down again.

This is the point in the Patriots mock draft where I think the PFF simulator is crazy. New England sent picks # 41 and 127 to The Commanders and received picks #47 and 113 this year. On top of 2023 fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh-round picks.

The board still had some great options so The Patriots traded down one more time in the second round. This time with The Eagles sending them picks #47 and 113 for picks #51 and 83.

Second Round 51st – (Selection) Quay Walker, LB, Georgia

Quay Walker is a true sideline to sideline linebacker with great size and crazy athleticism. He is a space-eater, the team can put him in the open field and let him make plays. He will go a long way in trying to slow down mobile quarterbacks.

A strong NFL comparison for Walker is Jamie Collins, both are freak athletes for their size. They both have great versatility, being able to play on or off the line of scrimmage. Both are missiles to the point of attack. When asked to play coverage they can be deceptively sticky.

The first two picks of this Patriots mock draft took a while to get to but adding two key pieces from Georgia’s defense is a great start. These two moves immediately give us more playmaking and speed to combat all the mobility we will face.

Third Round 72nd- Cam Taylor-Britt CB Nebraska

This is one of the most physical defensive backs in this class. Cam Taylor-Britt reminds me of Malcolm Butler, small frame but always willing to make a tackle. Britt is an aggressive run defender, but unlike Butler still has coverage traits that need to be refined.

The Patriots’ have a glaring need for a CB and Taylor-Britt is one of the better third-round prospects in this class. Britt would be best in press-man because he is great off of the line of scrimmage. Cam can still play in a zone scheme because he has great straight-line speed and good instincts.

He is best suited for a slot role but he can play outside with some coaching. Even with his deficiencies, he will still be able to start on this team in his rookie year. If he cleans up his issues in coverage he could be a third-round steal.

Third Round 91st, Danny Gray WR, SMU

Danny Gray is the player I wanted to take at #83. However, with all the movement this Patriots mock draft I felt like I could move back and still get him. Tampa Bay was calling and a deal was struck. The Patriots sent pick #83 to The Bucs for picks #91, 133, and a 2023 fifth-rounder.

The gamble paid off, New England selected Danny Gray at 91 overall. He is a do-it-all type of wideout. Gray mostly played on the outside at SMU and he has the speed to do so at the NFL level. He clocked in a 4.33 40-yard dash at the combine.

At six feet tall close to 190 pounds he has the frame as well. Gray would step in and be the only receiver signed through 2025. He also would immediately compete with Agholor and Meyers to be the third receiver on the field because of his speed.

He may have trouble with press-man since he didn’t encounter it too often. Nothing says that he cant grow into that. This and his route tree are reasons why he is a third-round selection. His size and speed are a reason to take a shot though. He could become a go-to target for Mac Jones.

Fourth Round 133rd, JoJo Domann LB Nebraska

Jojo wouldn’t be an every-down linebacker in the NFL however, he would be extremely useful in passing situations. He spent some time playing safety, so he has some size concerns at the LB position. He isn’t very long but he typically makes up for it with speed.

Coverage needs at the linebacker position would be met if they selected Domann, he could also fit in with the way New England has been keeping three safeties on the field.

This is your typical upside player who at the least can contribute on special teams and sub-packages. He would fit very well into this safety-heavy scheme the Patriots are looking to run.

Fifth Round 165th, Kyren Willams RB, Notre Dame

A lot of fans won’t like this pick, or they will say there isn’t a need. They are wrong, Damien Harris has one year left on his deal and James White is 30 coming off a hip injury. JJ Taylor and Ty Mongomery aren’t trusted. The RB room isn’t as set as many would think it is.

If the team is looking for a passing-down back Williams could be the best one. He is the best at picking up the blitz in pass protection and he excels at route running. I wish his long speed was a bit better but he still just knows how to get into space.

He could be a great James White replacement. A team can never have enough good running backs.

Sixth Round 210th, Smoke Monday, S, Auburn

Smoke Monday, what a name. I would be lying if I said his name wasn’t a contributing factor to his selection. However, Smoke has some talent at being a box safety on obvious run plays or blitzing the QB. He loves going for the hardest hit.

His athletic profile isn’t terrible so with some solid defensive coaching he could be a role player or a special team contributor.

Seventh Round 245th, Connor Heyward, TE, Michigan State

In the seventh round, everyone is a dart throw. My take on Heyward is that he can act as a Kyle Juszczyk type of player. He doesn’t have to play the traditional TE role, he can come out of the backfield or out of the heavy set to create mismatches.

Connor Heyward can be a dynamic player if used correctly. He can be the most athletic player that no one is looking at, which could lead to some big plays. Heyward would struggle if a team were to try and use him as a traditional TE.

Thoughts On This Patriots Mock Draft

If New England could come out of this draft with both Jordan Davis and Quay Walker that would be electric. Cam Taylor-Britt could start this season. Danny Gray and Kyren Williams could both be long-term pieces on the offense.

JoJo Domann, Smoke Monday, and Connor Heyward are all developmental pieces with upside. Add in the fact we received a bunch of future capital for next year’s draft, it’s basically a home run. PFF gave the mock draft an A grade.

I know there were a bunch of trades but to fill the holes on this team we needed more picks. It isn’t uncommon for Bill Belichick to move around the board. With the value in this draft being in the mid-rounds I would be surprised to see a lot of movement.

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