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Previewing Week 12 of the SEC: Are Top Teams On Upset Alert?

We finished Week 12 with a record of 5-3, bringing us to a 58% season record. SEC's Week 12 features exciting matchups and brings us closer to Rivalry Week in Week 13. Let's take a closer look at our selections and forecasts.

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SEC 11AM Kickoffs

Chattanooga at #8 Alabama

Game Information:

Location: Bryant-Denny Stadium

Channel: ESPN+, SECN+

Chattanooga vs Alabama Odds:

Spread: Alabama (-45.5), Chattanooga (+45.5)

O/U: 48.5

ML: Alabama -100,000 Chattanooga +8000

Season Performances:

Season Records: Alabama (9-1), Chattanooga (7-3)

ATS: Alabama (7-3), Chattanooga (2-1) O/U: Alabama (7-2-1), Chattanooga (2-1)

Home/Away: Alabama (5-1H), Chattanooga (4-1A)

Team Streak: Alabama (W8), Chattanooga (L10)

What to Bet and Why:

Alabama is expected to use their upcoming game as a warm-up for the Iron Bowl. However, the current spread of 45.5 is significantly large and it does not make me feel comfortable to bet on Alabama to cover. Similarly, I wouldn't bet on Chattanooga to cover the +45 spread either.

Instead of looking at the point spread, we'll focus on the over/under of 50.5. I expect Alabama to score close to that number alone.

To reach this number, we don't require much offensive production from Chattanooga.

Best Bet:

Over 50.5

UL Monroe at #9 Ole Miss

Game Information:

Location: Vaught-Hemingway Stadium

Channel: SECN

UL Monroe vs Ole Miss Odds:

Spread: Ole Miss (-37.5), UL Monroe (+37.5)

O/U: 61.5

ML: Ole Miss -100,000, UL Monroe +8000

Season Performances:

Season Records: Ole Miss (8-2), UL Monroe (2-8)

ATS: Ole Miss (6-3-1), UL Monroe (4-6) O/U: Ole Miss (5-5), UL Monroe (5-5)

Home/Away: Ole Miss (6-0 H), UL Monroe (0-4)

Team Streak: Ole Miss (L1), UL Monroe (L7)

What to Bet and Why:

I'm not comfortable betting 37.5 points, it seems too risky. Instead, I'd like to focus on the over/under, which is currently set at 61.5. I like this number because I believe Ole Miss will score between 40-50 points in this game, which means that UL Monroe won't need to do much offensively to meet the over.

Best Bet:

O 61.5

Southern Miss at Mississippi State

Game Information:

Location: Davis Wade Stadium

Channel: ESPN+, SECN+

Southern Miss vs Mississippi State

Spread: Miss St -13.5 (-118), Southern Miss +13.5 (-104)

O/U: 46.5 (-110)

ML: Miss St -600, Southern Miss +430

Season Performances:

Season Records: Miss St (4-6), Southern Miss (3-7)

ATS: Miss St (2-8), Southern Miss (4-6) O/U: Miss St (5-4-1), Southern Miss (7-3)

Home/Away: Miss St (3-3 H), Southern Miss (1-4 A)

Team Streak: Miss St (L3), Southern Miss (W2)

What to Bet and Why:

I always support a team after they fire their head coach. The interim coach Greg Knox will bring renewed energy to the Bulldogs, and I believe they will play hard. Therefore, I'm taking the Bulldogs with the points.

Best Bet:

Mississippi State -13.5

SEC 2:30PM Kickoffs

#2 Georgia at #13 Tennessee

Game Information:

Location: Neyland Stadium

Channel: CBS

Georgia vs Tennessee Odds:

Spread: Georgia -10.5 (-110), Tennessee +10.5 (-110)

O/U: 58.5 (-110)

ML: Georgia -465, Tennessee +350

Season Performances:

Season Records: Georgia (10-0), Tennessee (7-3)

ATS: Georgia (4-6), Tennessee (6-4) O/U: Georgia (6-4), Tennessee (5-4-1)

Home/Away: Georgia (2-0 A), Tennessee (5-0 H)

Team Streak: Georgia (W10), Tennessee (L1)

What to Bet and Why:

Georgia is crushing their way to the SEC Championship. With All-American tight end Brock Bowers back in the mix, their already strong offense is even stronger. They won by 35 points against Ole Miss despite being favored by just 11 points. It's safe to say that Georgia will win this game and cover the spread.

Best Bet:

Georgia -10.5

SEC 3:00PM Kickoffs

New Mexico State at Auburn

Game Information:

Location: Jordan-Hare Stadium

Channel: SECN

New Mexico St at Auburn Odds:

Spread: Auburn -23.5 (-110), New Mexico St +23.5 (-110)

O/U: 48.5 (-110)

ML: Auburn (-3000), New Mexico St (+1200)

Season Performances:

Season Records: Auburn (6-4), New Mexico St (8-3)

ATS: Auburn (5-5), New Mexico St (8-2-1) O/U: Auburn (4-5-1), New Mexico St (4-7)

Home/Away: Auburn (3-2 H), New Mexico St (4-2)

Team Streak: Auburn (W3), New Mexico St (W6)

What to Bet and Why:

Auburn's offense has been hot lately, scoring over 30 points in their last two games. However, they may overlook this game after securing bowl eligibility and looking ahead to next week's Iron Bowl. I predict an Auburn win, but New Mexico State will cover the spread.

Best Bet:

New Mexico St +23.5

SEC 6:30PM Kickoffs

Florida at #14 Missouri

Game Information:

Location: Memorial Stadium/Faurot Field

Channel: ESPN

Florida vs Missouri Odds:

Spread: Missouri -11.5 (-110), Florida +11.5 (-110)

O/U: 58.5 (-110)

ML: Missouri -450, Florida +340

Season Performances:

Season Records: Missouri (8-2), Florida (5-5)

ATS: Missouri (7-3), Florida (3-7)

O/U: Missouri (6-4), Florida (6-3-1)

Home/Away: Missouri (5-1 H), Florida (1-3 A)

Team Streak: Missouri (W1), Florida (L3)

What to Bet and Why:

Missouri dominated Tennessee and I think Brady Cook and Burden III will lead them to victory against Florida. Florida won't be able to keep up. Missouri to win and cover.

Best Bet:

Missouri -11.5

FIU at Arkansas

Game Information:

Location: Razorback Stadium

Channel: ESPNU

FIU vs Arkansas Odds:

Spread: Arkansas -29.5 (-110), FIU +29.5 (-110)

O/U: 50.5 (-110)

ML: Arkansas -8000, FIU +2200

Season Performances:

Season Records: Arkansas (3-7), FIU (4-6)

ATS: Arkansas (5-5), FIU (4-6)

O/U: Arkansas (6-3-1), FIU (4-6)

Home/Away: Arkansas (2-3 H), FIU (2-3 A)

Team Streak: Arkansas (L1), FIU (L2)

What to Bet and Why:

Arkansas seems deflated and 29.5 points is too much for their struggling team. I think they'll win but FIU will cover.

Best Bet:

FIU +29.5

Kentucky at South Carolina

Game Information:

Location: Williams-Brice Stadium

Channel: SECN

Kentucky vs South Carolina Odds:

Spread: Kentucky -1.5 (-110), South Carolina +1.5 (-110)

O/U: 53.5 (-110)

ML: Kentucky -122, South Carolina +102

Season Performances:

Season Records: Kentucky (6-4), South Carolina (4-6)

ATS: Kentucky (5-5), South Carolina (5-5)

O/U: Kentucky (7-3), South Carolina (5-5)

Home/Away: Kentucky (2-1 A), South Carolina (4-1 H)

Team Streak: Kentucky (L2), South Carolina (W2)

What to Bet and Why:

Kentucky will win behind a strong performance from Ray Davis, who will be able to take advantage of the team's ability to run the ball and push the line of scrimmage.

Best Bet:

Kentucky -1.5

SEC 7:00PM Kickoffs

Georgia State at LSU

Game Information:

Location: Tiger Stadium

Channel: ESPN2

Georgia State vs LSU Odds:

Spread: LSU -30.5 (-110), Georgia St +30.5 (-110)

O/U: 71.5 (-110)

ML: LSU -6998, Georgia St +2000

Season Performances:

Season Records: LSU (7-3), Georgia State (6-4)

ATS: LSU (6-4), Georgia State (5-5)

O/U: LSU (10-0), Georgia State (5-5)

Home/Away: LSU (5-0 H), Georgia State (3-1 A)

Team Streak: LSU (W1), Georgia State (L3)

What to Bet and Why:

If it ain't broken, don't fix it. LSU has a perfect record of hitting the over in all 10 games. As long as they maintain this streak, I will continue to bet on it.

Best Bet:

O 71.5

Lock of the Week:

I'm gonna ride this trend until it throws me off. You know where I'm going with this. Give me the over of 71.5 in the Georgia State/LSU game.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this. I hope my picks can help you have a successful week of betting!

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