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Seahawks vs. Bears Week 2 Preseason Game: Quick Reaction To Ugly Game

The Seahawks had a rough game against the Chicago Bears on Thursday night. There were more negative takeaways than positive ones from this game, and outlooks on the season are dampered.

The Seahawks had a very rough night on Thursday night against the Bears in Week 2 of the 2022 preseason. The Seahawks lost the game 27-11, and there were several negative takeaways from this game.

Seahawks’ Charles Cross Struggles

Cross unfortunately had a difficult time in this game and was flagged five times (four false starts and one holding call). His blocking, especially in pass protection, seemed to hold up well, but the repeated penalties hampered what little momentum the Seahawks drives had. He had a good game against the Steelers, and I would guess that these mental errors can be corrected quickly, but Cross’ production in his second professional game was more negative than positive.

Special Teams Failures

For a Seattle special teams unit that has been one of the league’s best for the last few years, Thursday was an ugly performance. The mistakes were racked up in all facets of the special teams game: Cade Johnson muffed a punt that led to a Bears touchdown before the half, Jason Myers missed a field goal, the punt team allowed a 48-yard return by the Bears (as well as a 60-yard kick return), and Justin Coleman missed an easy opportunity to down the ball inside the five on a beautiful punt by Michael Dickson. On the bright side, the Seahawks recovered an onside kick late in the game.

WE HAVE A SPECIAL TEAMS TOUCHDOWN. @ChicagoBears 📺: #CHIvsSEA on ESPN 📱: Stream on NFL+ — NFL (@NFL) August 19, 2022

Crushing Injury To Seahawks Damien Lewis

The worst part of the game, undoubtedly, was seeing Damien Lewis carted off early in the second quarter. Before he left the field, medical staff applied an air cast to Lewis’ lower right leg. He was ruled out with an ankle injury, and the belief is that Lewis’ injury is serious. He may miss the entirety of the 2022 season, which would be a crushing blow to the development of a young offensive line including Lewis and two rookie tackles. More information on this injury will be had in the coming days.

Seahawks Have Few Positives

Not every single aspect of this game was as bad as the above three. There were a few positives I saw in watching the game. Tariq Woolen and Coby Bryant both played well, and I especially noticed the play of Woolen. He played physically and didn’t seem to be as nervous as he may have been in the Steelers game last week. Tackling from the defense, while not perfect, was much improved from an atrocious showing last week. Abraham Lucas played strongly and run blocked like a beast, and Travis Homer is looking like a running back that could provide some real juice should Penny or Walker miss time this season.

The final preseason match of the 2022 season is set for next Friday in Dallas against the Cowboys. In this game, we need to see the following: Drew Lock getting a true shot at earning the starting quarterback role, Charles Cross settling down and getting away from mental mistakes, and Phil Haynes stepping up at guard in the absence of Damien Lewis. There are other issues that need to be wrapped up as well, but these are problems of the highest priority that have to be worked out to keep fans optimistic as the regular season draws nearer.

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