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Seahawks Training Camp – Which 3 Coaches Have Something Big To Prove?

Seattle Seahawks training camp is upon us. The obvious fun comes with watching our favorite players develop on the field, but 3 coaches have something to prove over the next few weeks.

While there are intriguing Seahawks training camp battles between players at several different positions this year, fans must not forget to pay attention to the 2022 coaching staff and the way it handles the roster. With a younger roster on the books for this season, the members of the coaching staff will be very important as the guides for young talent to reach success in the coming years.

There are three specific coaches that have big jobs on their plates for this season, and their work continues with the most important Seahawks training camp in recent memory. Two come from the defensive side of the ball, and one from the offensive side. Let’s hop into three coaches we should all be watching at 2022 Seahawks training camp.

Clint Hurtt, Defensive Coordinator

Hurtt was named the Seahawks new defensive coordinator on February 15, and fans should be excited about him taking a step up. Clint Hurtt comes from the Vic Fangio tree of coaching, and had experience with Fangio and his hybrid defensive scheme in Chicago from 2014 to 2016. His biggest job is implementing a more 3-4-driven defense in Seattle, something that will look foreign to Seahawks fans. This scheme allows for the use of more linebacker pass-rush, which will mainly be seen from Darrell Taylor and Uchenna Nwosu in 2022. Putting more pressure on the quarterback than the Seahawks historically have is the goal, and Hurtt is the man in charge of the transition.

Sean Desai, Associate Head Coach – Defense

Desai’s impact in 2022 will likely be felt on one dynamic player – Jamal Adams. Adams is poised to make a return to his excellent 2020 pass-rushing numbers, but Desai will have a positive impact on the other aspect of Adams’ game on the backend covering receivers. While Adams won’t be pushed to any kind of limit during Seahawks training camp, he will begin serving a hybrid role in practice before the season. Some fans have looked at Sean Desai as a long-term solution at head coach after Pete Carroll calls it quits, so breaking down how he fits in with the rest of the coaching staff in 2022 will be very important in evaluating his head coaching prospects.

Dave Canales, Quarterbacks Coach

Since Canales has become the quarterbacks coach/passing game coordinator for the Seahawks, he’s had an easy life. Being quarterbacks coach to Russell Wilson is like being Mark Cuban’s business professor. This year, he’ll face the challenge of developing either Drew Lock or Geno Smith into the Seahawks starting quarterback. This excellent battle will begin at Seahawks training camp, and the main evaluation of the two players will come straight from Dave Canales. If he can build something out of what seems to be very close to nothing, he’ll be up for a promotion in 2023.

Tomorrow is the first day of on-field work at Seahawks training camp, and as always, fans and media will be focused on the big names (Pete Carroll, Shane Waldron, and top players). However, don’t forget that watching the moves and opinions of coaches like these will help us get a feel for how the team is going to look when the Hawks run out of the tunnel on September 12.

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