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Seahawks Cardinals Week Six Predictions – Geno Cooks Up A Big Win?

The Seahawks offense has been finding its stride in recent weeks. Kyler Murray and the Cardinals come to Seattle missing two running backs. Which team will prevail in a crucial divisional game?

The Seahawks and Cardinals games in recent years featured some wild endings and bizarre circumstances. Recent games featured a six-six tie, the “Beastquake 2.0” run by Marshawn Lynch, and a chase down, touchdown-saving tackle by DK Metcalf following a Russell Wilson interception.

Do we expect this game to feature some sort of weird twist? Yes, because it wouldn’t be a Seahawks-Cardinals game without one. Kyler Murray and one healthy running back will try to run behind a battered offensive line. Murray will also be missing DeAndre Hopkins, who has one more game of his suspension left.

So far this season, it has been extremely difficult to predict the outcome of a Seahawks game. We have seen highs and lows: some games they look like a potential wild card team and others they look like a sub-.500 team. Here are some predictions for the game:

Seahawks-Cardinals Predictions – Week Six

1. Kyler Murray has 100 yards rushing

With one out of three running backs healthy, Kliff Kingsbury will certainly scheme Kyler into some run-pass options or some designed runs. Murray is deadly in the run game and the Seahawks defense has shown an extreme weakness in run defense so far this season. It’s very likely a couple designed runs could push Murray over the 100-yard mark.

2. Another 300-yard game for Geno Smith

Rashaad Penny being out for the season is a blow to this offense. The past two seasons Penny had shown promise. While Kenneth Walker will get more rushes this game, I think we could see Geno’s streak of good games continue. A 300-yard game may be needed if the defense can’t stop Kyler on the ground. The Cardinals are missing Trayvon Mullen and may also be missing Byron Murphy Jr., so expect to see Shane Waldron continue to succeed with Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf.

3. Another Shootout, game goes over 50.5 total points

The Cardinals give up an average of 24.6 points per game this season. The Seahawks have one of the worst defenses in the NFL and every week feels like a shootout. Why would this game be any different? If the Seahawks win, it will likely be another high-scoring affair. We have seen flashes of effective offense from the Hawks, especially the past few weeks. We expect them to exceed that 24.6 points on offense. Given the Seahawks abysmal defense, expect the Cardinals to go over 25 points as well.

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