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Score Predictions: Patriots-Bears May Not Be As Simple As We Think

The Patriots are riding in off two games in a row, they get their starting QB back, and are looking really great. They’re favored by eight points over a struggling Bears team. This should be fairly simple…. right? Stadium Rant teams up together to give their takes and I offer my own on a game that won’t be as straightforward as it looks.

Stadium Rant’s Score Predictions For Patriots-Bears

@JT_Howland12 – Contributing Writer For Cheesehead Checkdown: 24-14 Patriots

Patriots defense too much for Justin Fields. Mac Jones comes back with a touchdown and a pick but Stevenson has a solid game with Harris receiving limited snaps if he plays. Myers, Stevenson and Jack Jones pick six touchdowns for NE. Mooney and Fields TDs for CHI.

JT’s pick highlights something very important, the mismatch between a struggling Bears offense and a dominant Patriots defense, and I agree that not all of New England’s points will come on offense. The Bears do have decent weapons and Justin Fields running threat attacks a problem they faced with Lamar, so they will have a couple successful drives. Mac can’t come back to his best form from the get-go, but we’ll see some good moments with the revamped offense.

@Lamb4752 – Personnel Director For Stadium Rant And Writer For Gillette Gazette: 32-18 Patriots

Bill beats the bag out of bad teams historically even with worse teams. Doesn’t matter if Zappe or Jones starts, NE defense will control this game

While this is expected to be Mac’s return, this is a game they can win regardless with how well the defense is playing. I’m certainly interested in how Tyler’s particular scoreline came about, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick Folk and Cairo Santos play a heavy role in this one.

@coldwirematt – Contributing Writer for Windy City Rant: 17-14 Patriots

While Mac Jones makes his return, he won’t give the Patriots a high scoring game like they got with Bailey Zappe. Justin Fields will show some improvements, but fall short as Bill Belichick passes George Halas for most wins.

The Patriots offense will certainly be finding its footing, but given how quickly they found it with Zappe, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots can put up considerable points. It’s hard to tell exactly how it will go. Fields presents a threat with the run game, and 14 points seems about right for the Bears.

I personally feel there is more of a mismatch, but the Bears are a talented team and Roquan Smith will certainly be a force to be reckoned with for the Patriots offense. Matt brings up an important storyline for this game, which could add another dimension to his excellent legacy.

@TheMeghanHall – Managing Editor For Indy Intercept: 24-12 Patriots

Justin Fields and the Bears’ offense has some serious identity issues right now. I just don’t trust them to win football games consistently. In my eyes, it doesn’t matter who’s in at quarterback for the Patriots, they will make the plays. I like the Patriots at home

While I do think there’s a higher level to be reached with Mac in there, I don’t think it will matter for this particular game. Justin Fields will probably not handle the Patriots’ offense well enough to score enough points to turn this into a shootout.

@adam_karnik – Contributing Writer For Windy City Rant: 20-10 Patriots

“Bill Belichick is a mastermind at taking away his opponent’s strength, which is Chicago’s running game. Chicago’s depleted WR corps won’t be able to make enough plays

Adam brings up a good point, the best way to beat a Bill Belichick defense is to have a balanced attack so when your top weapon is neutralized, there are directions to go. The Bears have inconsistent passing and Fields doesn’t do well against pressure, so beating New England through the air will be extremely tough, especially with the way the secondary is playing.

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My Own Thoughts On Patriots-Bears

I am predicting a 31-13 Patriots win. I think the Bears and Justin Fields will open up the scoring, throwing the Patriots off guard with Fields’ legs. But as they do, the Patriots will adjust and the Bears won’t score much after that. Their defense has no exposable holes, with a solid linebacker core, great front seven and lockdown secondary. Special teams will leave no openings in the field position battle, and the Bears offense doesn’t have the firepower to break through that.

The Patriots are a more aggressive team offensively with Mac, and the playcalling options can really open up. Combine this with improved schemes from Patricia, a better offensive line, and a more potent rushing attack than early in the season, this could be the cleanest and best showing from the offense. I can’t go any higher than 31, though, because the Bears defense hasn’t allowed that many points this season, and this would be Mac’s first game back.

I do see the Patriots scoring a non-offensive touchdown, either from Jack Jones in the secondary or Marcus Jones in the punt return game. For completeness, in the scenario where Bailey Zappe plays, I predict a 24-17 win for the Patriots. Zappe has been serviceable enough in these last two games, and ultimately the defense is too strong to lose this game at home. Bill Belichick breaks the tie with Halas and if there is any more cement to add to his GOAT legacy, he’s going to add it on Monday.

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