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Say Goodbye To The Clemson Tigers Because Their Football Program Has No Pulse

Oh Boy! We have an upset in Durham, North Carolina, and it doesn't involve a Duke basketball team getting beat. This time, it was their football team. Taking out the number nine team in the country, the Clemson Tigers.

Suitable for Duke to get a massive win on the gridiron, but this is all about Clemson and how sad they looked.

The Tigers looked like a team that thought they would roll into Durham and get out with an easy win, but sadly for them, that was not the case.

Clemson had many chances to win this game, and every time they were going to take control, they shot themselves in the foot.

They would drive down the field and put themselves in position to score, and they would either fumble it away or miss easy field goals.

The defense had Duke's quarterback Riley Leonard wrapped up on third down and three, but next thing you know, the man is getting out of tackles and running 44 yards down the sidelines to score six points.

The team just looked defeated and made mistakes that would never have seen a Dabo Swinney team make in years past.

Clemson has not been to the College Football Playoff the last two seasons, and we are about to make it a third one this year.

Clemson Has No Life

Clemson's struggles are not ideal for college football, and the sport needs them to be great. Dabo is one of the best coaches; you never know what will come out of that man's mouth.

Clemson was a program that would go toe to toe with Alabama, and now they can't even beat Duke.

The team is in a sad state, and their performance against Duke shows there is something wrong inside the program.

It's not like Clemson got blown out or went head-to-head battle for battle and lost in a close one.

They lost a game where they couldn't hold on to the ball, couldn't make a kick, didn't want to tackle, and they just showed no desire to be on the field.

Clemson fans should be disgusted right now because their Tigers looked like a team that could have easily won that game if they could've just taken care of the little things and that important thing called the football.

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