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Sacramento Kings Bring Back Veteran Player

After earning the third seed in the Western Conference and making their first playoff appearance since the 2005-06 season the Sacramento Kings have brought back Harrison Barnes.

The Sacramento Kings and Harrison Barnes have agreed to a three-year $54 million contract extension. Barnes's contract has a ten percent trade kicker, which means he will get that portion of his salary as a bonus if traded.

Barnes played all 82 games for Sacramento, averaging 15 points and 4.5 rebounds per game while shooting 37.4% from three-point land. Barnes also shot 55% on two-point shots

Keeping The Starting Lineup Intact

According to the Athletic, the starting five of Barnes, De'Aaron Fox, Kevin Huerter, Keegan Murray, and Domantas Sabonis were a plus-56 in a league-high 900 minutes together. No other five-person lineups played more than 738 minutes together.

Many thought the Kings would go after a more prominent name to replace Barnes, especially after the Richaun Holmes trade freed up $30 million in cap space. Many Kings fans liked the idea of Kyle Kuzma coming to Sacramento,

With Barnes, you know what you will get; he's going play every game and give you steady 15 points per game while shooting in the 30s in three-point percentage.

Barnes did not play well against the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs; he shot 24.7% from three and averaged 10.7 points per game.

With Barnes taking care of, the Kings will likely use the rest of the cap space to give Sabonis a contract extension, sign role player Trey Lyles, and possibly try to get Sasha Vezenkov to come over.

Getting Barnes for $18 million is a good bargain; they probably would have had to give Kuzma north of that. Also Barnes already knows the Kings system so in training camp the Kings can just can hit the ground running.

Barnes, who won the 2015 NBA championship as a member of the Golden State Warriors, has averaged 15.4 points since arriving in Sacramento at the February trade deadline in 2019.

The Small forward has played in the NBA for 12 years. Before the Kings, Barnes played with the Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks. In his career, Barnes has averaged 14.2 points and 5.0 rebounds per game on 45,5% shooting from the field and 37.8 from beyond the arc.


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