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Ryan Grubb Heads To The NFL: Is It Next Man Up For Alabama?

Ryan Grubb has left Alabama and has been hired as the next offensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL. Although I'm not too surprised that he left, I never thought he'd come to Alabama in the first place.

I had expected him to be looking for a head coaching position, but I don't blame him for taking the same job in the NFL instead of staying in college football. After all, who can blame him? I wouldn't want to coach in college football until they can figure out the NIL issue.

The NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) rule is causing several college football coaches to move to the NFL, while other coaches are retiring. To avoid losing control, it's crucial for the parties involved to come up with a collective bargaining agreement soon.

Who Will Be The Next Offensive Coordinator?

To me, it's next man up. Kalen Deboer, the head coach at the University of Alabama, usually prefers promoting from within his team, so it is unlikely that he will change his approach anytime soon. There are rumors that Jamarcus Shephard, the current wide receiver's coach at Alabama, may be promoted to become the next offensive coordinator.

Additionally, it has been suggested that Nick Sheridan, the tight end's coach, may also be promoted. The offensive line coach, Scott Huff, is reportedly leaving to join Ryan Grubb in Seattle, which means that the team will have to look for a replacement for this position as well.

Now, someone who's not currently on the team, but has worked under Deboer before, at Fresno State, Kirby Moore. Moore is currently the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for Missouri, who had their best year since probably 2008. I would love the addition of Moore's experience to this team. We then would only have to worry about an offensive line coach.

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