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Rushing Cowboys’ Quarterback Back From Injury Presents Risk

Monday night in Metlife Stadium was the first time Dallas Cowboys fans saw Dak Prescott throwing the football in two weeks after injuring his thumb. With news of a quicker return, it does bring some questions that could have future complications for the franchise.

While reporting before the 23-16 Dallas Cowboys win over the New York Giants, ESPN reporter Lisa Salters spoke to Cowboys’ quarterback, Dak Prescott who told her that stitches were removed from the injured thumb. This gave him the chance to throw the football for a short time on the field. Prescott told Salters he’s looking to get back onto the field by this Sunday against the Washington Commanders.

NFL reporter Jane Slater reported shortly afterward that Dak Prescott told her the Rams game is possible with the Washington game being the target for him. The team might hold off depending on the healing process which appears to be no swelling on the thumb.

#Cowboys QB Dak Prescott showed me his thumb post stitch removal. No swelling. Healing. Tells me Cowboys/Rams week 5 is a game that he could possibly start. Get the sense he would go Sunday vs. Washington if he could but this will be a team/Dak decision to be smart — Jane Slater (@SlaterNFL) September 27, 2022

It was originally reported that Prescott would be out between one to two months depending on how well he recovered from the surgery. Another key would be after removing the stitches, how well he would be able to hold the football and throw it on a consistent basis.

The Risk Of Cowboys’ Dak Prescott Returning Too Soon

Fans know that Dak Prescott is a competitor and is willing to do whatever it takes to get back on the field. With his stitches being removed, he now feels like he can return sooner than expected and be the hero the Cowboys needs. He shows this on the field commonly with his ability to run out of the pocket and get those extra yards on the ground. The beauty of Cooper Rush performing well is there is no rush to bring him back.

Rush has proven to be a winner with confidence. Nothing phases him whether they are winning or losing. He’s the first quarterback in the Super Bowl era to lead his team on game-winning fourth-quarter drives in his first three career starts. For an undrafted player stepping in after being in the league for six years, that’s impressive.

His strong play makes it easier for Prescott to not run the risk of re-injury. The Cowboys must think about the future and make sure Prescott heals the right way before bringing him back onto the field. While he may feel better, it may not produce good results if he can’t grip the ball correctly. The concern of reinjuring his hand is something the Cowboys and Prescott both have to keep in mind.

Also, the schedule is in their favor this weekend against Washington so there is no reason to bring Prescott back for it. It’s a winnable game with Rush starting especially with how well the defense is playing. The team is rolling off a two-straight game-winning streak that should continue regardless of who’s starting at quarterback. There’s no reason to mess up a good thing for the Cowboys when Rush is getting the job done.

Dak Prescott is looking to return against the Los Angeles Rams in two weeks which does give him more time to recover but could still be too soon. There is a real possibility that rushing back might not be the best approach for Prescott. That game would not be as important as the Philadelphia Eagles game the week after. The ideal return date would be to get Prescott ready for the Eagles game to win a critical divisional game.



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