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Rumor Mill: Super Bowl Winning Coach Stepping Away

Super Bowl-winning coach Sean McVay’s future in Los Angeles is in limbo. Why will McVay be stepping away and what does the future for the Rams look like?

McVay’s Cryptic Messages

News broke on Saturday that Sean McVay was questioning returning to the Rams, according to Adam Schefter and his sources. There have been multiple things happening over the past year for him to have doubts about returning. He has won a Super Bowl, gotten married, watched his wife’s hometown country of Ukraine get invaded, lost his grandfather, gotten asked to possibly work in television and to top it off the struggles of his team this year.

On Sunday after the Rams’ overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Coach McVay was asked about his future with the team. Sean gave a Brady-esque response “I’m not thinking about that right now. I’m right here right now and we’ll deal with that stuff at a later time.” According to Peter Schrager “McVay and the Rams are talking right now in an open dialogue about his future.”If Sean does step away, he will still be under contract with the Rams until 2026, the contract would toll and he would remain under contract much like Sean Payton remains on contract with the New Orleans Saints.

Future of the Rams

With the Rams finishing the season 5-12, it marked the first year McVay had a losing record since the Rams hired him in 2017. The Rams will be tasked with a rebuild which is something Sean does not want to partake in according to Pro Football Talks, Mike Florio. Florio says, “My understanding is it’s not because of burnout or he wants to get into TV. He won a Super Bowl and now he’s facing a multi-year rebuild that he just doesn’t want to be a part of.”

If Sean decides he wants to step away, the Rams are tasked with a difficult decision on who they want to replace him. It does not make the hiring process any easier that the Rams will be in a rebuild, however, the Rams have a ton of talent on that team making the rebuild not as hard as people may seem. The Rams will not have a first-round pick and they also won’t have much of a budget being so close to the salary cap.

To make matters worse, the offensive coordinator, Liam Coen, is planning to return to his old job at Kentucky where he was an offensive coordinator as well. The Rams would then need to find both a head coach and an offensive coordinator to help get the franchise back on track.


Sean McVay over this past year has had a lot on his plate. It does not help that his team was the fourth team in history in which a defending Super Bowl champion has been eliminated from playoff contention with more than one week remaining in the season. The Rams tied the 1999 Broncos for the earliest elimination of any defending Super Bowl champion in history.

I truly believe Mike Florio in the fact that Coach McVay does not want to participate in a rebuild given that this is the first time since he was hired that the Rams have had a losing record and he is wanting to jump ship. However, I’m not naïve in the fact that Sean has had a ton going on in his life this past year which could have an emotional toll on his decision to return.

Everything I have read indicates that McVay will be stepping down as the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. I’m not sold on what he will do after he does step away. It sounds like a decision is around the corner, be on the lookout for the official announcement as well as who could be replacing him.



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