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Riley Leonard Couldn't Go One Day Without Someone Destroying His Moment

Duke's starting quarterback, Riley Leonard, put on a show against the number nine team, Clemson Tigers, on Monday Night, and only one man could ruin his fun.

Leonard begged his professor to give him an extension on the assignment, and Professor Taylor did not have it.

Professor Taylor put out a video responding to Leonard's request, which didn't go well for the new hero in college football.

"Hey Riley, great game last night, man," "It was so exciting. Congratulations to you and all your teammates. But you know, Duke defensive end Wesley Williams and the other linemen who are in the class, they said they prepared ahead and did it ahead of time. So why didn't the quarterback? So, no way, man. No extension."

Professor Taylor just had to ruin Leonard's one shining moment. I can tell that Mr. Taylor is not a football guy, and he even had the nerve to throw out that the defensive end and other linemen did the assignment, so why didn't the quarterback?

Riley Leonard Is A Hero And Should Be Treated Like one

Why didn't the quarterback? Maybe it's because he was preparing to face the ninth-ranked team in the country and a defense that is all over the field and can make you look silly any second.

Leonard is tasked with the most critical job on the team, and he was playing one of the best programs in college football over the last decade, so here is your answer on why he needed more time to do the assignment.

Leonard just gave the school one of the greatest football moments in the history of the university, and you won't let him have any extension.

I'm sure this is all out of fun, and Leonard probably doesn't need an extension on any assignment since he does go to Duke, for crying out loud, but Professor Taylor should've played into the moment and even canceled classes for the week.

Duke finally gets a big football moment; there should be no classes for the week so students can celebrate before reality hits them in the face when they lose to Notre Dame in a few weeks.

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