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RFK Stadium To Be Demolished Before End of 2023

RFK Stadium To Be Demolished

The longtime home to many of Washington DC’s sporting events finally has a demolition day as RFK Stadium will be no more by the end of 2023.

Keep in mind that RFK Stadium hasn’t had a team call the facility home since 2018 when DC United left for Audi Field after 11 years. The stadium housed the Washington Redskins from 1961-1996, and the Nationals from 2005-2007.

FIres Brought On Decision At RFK

Fires broke out at RFK Stadium last week prompting Events DC, the events and sports authority for the city, to release a statement in which they announced the update on the Stadium’s eventual demolition.

“Demolition of major structural components will be completed by the end of 2023.”

Please see a statement from Events DC regarding RFK Stadium — Events DC (@TheEventsDC) July 6, 2022

RFK Stadium has fallen into disrepair and has needed to be demolished for at least the last four to five years. It’s unclear why the government hasn’t done the city a favor by removing the decaying eyesore.

It’s important to remember Washington has repeatedly attempted to move back to DC over the last few years but has been blocked either by the city council or the sitting Mayor each time. The going thought was they were waiting for the franchise to change its name. The odd thing is that the power to block them isn’t even theirs as the RFK property continues to be owned by the federal government.

In the past, the city council has toyed with the idea of having an NFL franchise back in the city. But with large portions of the RFK site planned to be used for housing and maybe a park, that all but seems like a memory now.

Working Fire RFK Stadium. #DCsBravest have located several fires in below grade levels in the stadium. In the process of extinguishing same. No injuries reported. Investigators enroute. — DC Fire and EMS (@dcfireems) July 5, 2022

The current situation with team owner Daniel Snyder and certain members of Congress has brought things to a complete halt with no one willing to work with the Snyder’s on securing public funding.

The Commanders have set a 2027 deadline to be out of FedEx Field but in reality, the Snyder’s own all the land in and around the stadium. That means they can ride it out and see where the dust settles on the current situations before committing long-term.

That includes the RFK site and the other sites the team has teased in Virginia over the last year. Reports have linked them to land offers at a couple of different sites including one in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Of course, owning the land around FedEx Field means they could always just build right there next to the old stadium as well. This would be ideal for the team, but a nightmare for fans who want a more accessible game-day experience.

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