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Relax Vikings Fans, Kirk Cousins Isn't Going Anywhere

The future of the quarterback position has been one of the most discussed topics among Minnesota Vikings fans since Kirk Cousins went down with an Achilles injury in Week Eight. The mediocre backup QB play and recent comments from the veteran have only added fuel to the fire.

While some believe Cousins may be on his way out, I'm here to tell you he isn't going anywhere.

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Cousins' Comments

Let's start with what has caused all of the recent commotion. Cousins sat down with Isabel Gonzalez of CBS Sports (it's a great piece, which you can read here). In that interview, the 35-year-old expressed interest in playing for now free-agent head coach Bill Belichick. 

"I'm not going to turn down an opportunity to play with a future Hall of Fame head coach," Cousins said. "But we'll have to see where March leads."

With Belichick already linked to the Falcons, many NFL fans figure a Cousins and Belichick pairing would work well in Atlanta.

Why Cousins Will Remain The Vikings QB

I believe -- as is often the case with the internet -- that this quote was taken more seriously than maybe even Kirk Cousins intended it to be. OF COURSE he'd want to play for a Hall of Fame coach, but does it really make sense where the two are right now in their careers? 

The Falcons roster isn't awful, but they don't have Justin Jefferson and T.J. Hockenson in the passing game. Belichick is obviously still a great coach but has had his ups and downs since the departure of Tom Brady. Meanwhile, Kirk Cousins has been in Minnesota for six years and has established a connection and respect with Kevin O'Connell. Why give that all up to play for a team that hasn't recorded a winning season since 2017?

Fans are also seeming to forget that both Kirk and Kevin O'Connell have expressed interest in 'runnin' it back' at least for the 2024 campaign. It makes too much sense for both sides to reunite again next season.

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