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Ravens Sign Super Bowl Champion Wide Receiver

The Ravens have signed a veteran wide receiver. He’s a Super Bowl Champion and provides the offense with a veteran presence opposite Rashod Bateman. What should expectations be for him this season?

After weeks of speculation concerning if the Ravens would sign a veteran wide receiver to the team, the question has been finally answered. Former Chiefs wide receiver Demarcus Robinson has officially signed with the team on a one-year deal. But what does he bring to the Ravens and is this a good signing?

Robinson’s History Against the Ravens Makes Him Familiar

The first thing to know is the Ravens are pretty familiar with Demarcus Robinson. During his time with the Chiefs, he scored two touchdowns including a 33-yard catch against the team last season. In the four total games against the Ravens, he had 16 catches for 131 yards. This is quite the production for the 27-year-old wide receiver who is now considered the elder on the team.

Robinson was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Since then, he has been a weapon for Patrick Mahomes and was used in addition to Tyreek Hill, who is also no longer with the team. Last season alone Demarcus Robinson had 25 catches for a total of 264 total yards with three touchdowns.

Robinson had two 450-yard seasons with seven touchdowns total in 2019 and 2020. During the last total of five years with the Kansas City Chiefs, he has caught 145 passes for over 1600 yards including 14 touchdowns. It is also worth noting that he has never missed starting a game. It was a bit surprising that he was cut from the Las Vegas Raiders given his experience and production value.

What Demarcus Robinson Brings to the Ravens Offense In 2022

Robinson stands six-foot-one and weighs over 200 pounds. This means he is the big-bodied wide receiver the Ravens have been searching for. After being released during player cuts from the Raiders, the Ravens targetted him immediately. Thanks to his bigger size than the other wide receivers on the team, the Ravens could utilize him in the red zone. His speed and ability to get behind the defensive backs means Robinson could also be used as a deep threat downfield.

His name may not be a household name in comparison to some of the other notable free agents such as Odell Beckham Jr, and Emmanuel Sanders, but this is a good signing. Bringing him on a one-year deal is a low-risk move and typical of the Ravens to sign players that may not be a preferred choice by fans, but it makes more sense for the team. Even though Robinson is the oldest wide receiver on the team, he is still young and this signing could turn into a long-term deal depending on how he performs this season.

This signing also avoided using a draft pick, which the Ravens would have used if they attempted to trade for Darius Slayton. This is a smart move by the front office and again shows why the Ravens are experts at filling the void where there is a need. The full details of Demarcus Robinson’s contract is a one-year at $1.035 million dollars deal that includes $895,000 fully guaranteed. This is more than the guarantee the Raiders offered at $320,000.

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