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Ravens Rookie Watch: Will Kyle Hamilton Live Up To Expectations In His Rookie Season?

As training camp gets into full swing and preseason games approach, It’s time to check in on our Rookie class and how they will stack up on the Ravens roster. Today we look at first-round pick, Safety, Kyle Hamilton.

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Kyle Hamilton

Baltimore Ravens general manager Eric Decosta has been savvy in the draft over the past few seasons since taking over for longtime GM Ozzie Newsome. The Ravens organization has been able to stockpile picks to create a team that’s reputable and ready to compete year in and year out in the NFL.

Last season the Ravens decided to take Edge rusher, Odafe Oweh with their 2nd first-round pick in the 2021 draft. In typical Ravens’ “best person available” approach in the following draft, Decosta found himself in a very interesting situation in my opinion.

It was a lot of ways Decosta could have gone there at his first pick. Ultimately with Georgia Bulldog defensive lineman phenom Jordan Davis going off the board right before them at the 13th overall pick, Decosta went with the All-American safety out of Notre Dame Kyle Hamilton.

Is Hamilton the missing piece for this Baltimore Ravens defense? As I looked into his profile more I wanted to see what the Ravens have seen.

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Kyle Hamilton

All-American To All-Pro?

First and foremost Kyle Hamilton has all the traits to be a bonafide stud in the NFL. His 6’4” 220-pound frame is what you would want in a safety prospect.

Going back to his college days at Notre Dame, Hamilton showed the ability to be an impact player that made a difference in almost every play. From getting significant playing time as a freshman up to his junior season, Hamilton obtained numerous accolades such as All-American and All-conference honors respectfully.

So again a prospect like this is a home run, right? Maybe so but Hamilton has a lot of preparation and work to do to fully unlock his potential but with the Ravens’ developmental program and training camp, he should have all the opportunities to gain the trust of the coaching staff.

As a Raven fan and also someone that understands player development, we must temper expectations with all of our rookies. Since getting drafted Hamilton has been put under pressure and fans want to see an immediate impact, and rightfully so. But when you get drafted to an organization like the Baltimore Ravens those expectations come with the opportunity.

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Kyle Hamilton

Is He Ready?

I believe that Hamilton will make progress as camp goes along. His tape at Notre Dame proved he is a very intelligent safety that can impact the game at any time. Also from what I have seen, he looks to be a sure tackler that plays fast on the field. Give him some time and the more reps he can get with the 1s will be the best thing to monitor before the start of the season.

Another key point of Hamilton’s development is his relationship with veteran Chuck Clark. Clark is considered one of the leaders of this defense and currently wears the “green dot” on his helmet. For clarity, Clark gets the play call and makes sure everyone is lined up correctly on every defensive play. He becomes more or less the “Quarterback” of the defense. Working close with Clark will help Hamilton grow as a professional in the NFL.

As we get ready for preseason games to start this week I’m looking forward to seeing how Hamilton plays alongside his teammates. I anticipate seeing a lot of the athleticism I have seen when he was in college. Yes, mistakes will be made because he is a rookie but hoping as time goes on he can become the player that helps this defense get back to the top.

What are your thoughts on Kyle Hamilton?

Thanks for stopping by, and I want to hear from you! If you want to hit me up directly, feel free to shoot me a message on Twitter!

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