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Ranking Which Team In The NFL Has The Best Uniforms

The National Football League has seen many inconic uniforms over the years. From the blue and silver Seahawks throwbacks or the Eagles' kelly green jerseys, there has been a lot of good fashion choices around the league. But which team has the best uniforms in the NFL? Here are my top five teams with the best uniform set entering the 2024 season.

HM: Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles

#5 San Francisco 49ers

The red and gold start off this list with iconic uniforms that have been mainly the same since the late 1990s. The team has had some minor tweaks over the years including recently adding another stripe and adding the current wordmark to the crest. The colors flow really well and the white jerseys are now iconic after appearing in two Super Bowls the last few years.

You could say that their 1994 throwbacks, which feature both a home and away set, are better than their current style. There is a case for both, but it is pretty cool that the 49ers have both options, like the Miami Dolphins do with their throwbacks. The 49ers also tried an all-black color rush that many disliked but I would not mind having it come back.

#4 Pittsburgh Steelers

While the Pirates and Penguins have mixed it up over the years, the Pittsburgh Steelers have had the same look since the 1990s. After ditching the block jerseys, which have returned as throwbacks, Pittsburgh has worn its own, original font that has seen many legends grace the jersey. Like the Packers and Chargers, the white over yellow works on the road and it would not be the same if the team wore anything else.

#3 Green Bay Packers

If it isn't broken, don't fix it. These timeless Green Bay Packers jerseys, which have seen over a dozen changes before settling on the iconic look today, are some of the best in the NFL. This current set, introduced in 1997, features green over gold with two yellow stripes over white.

While green and gold/yellow is a rarity in professional sports, the Packers have made it a staple with historical uniforms and a simple "G" logo that stands for greatness. The block font is a classic and the new throwback jersey which introduced green pants into the mix is one of the best alternates in sports.

#2 Las Vegas Raiders

The only team in the NFL with the black and silver color scheme, the Las Vegas Raiders have played in three different cities. But one thing has never changed, which is their iconic uniforms, which have been pretty much the same since 1962, when the team ditched gold for silver.

Besides some touches over the years, the Raiders have worn their black jerseys and silver pants for decades, which complement each other so well. The team's attempt at Color Rush in 2015 adding silver numbers and an all-white option made a great alternate.

#1 Los Angeles Chargers

Undoubtedly the best uniform set in the NFL belongs to the Los Angeles Chargers. The powder blue home jerseys are the best in the league and are even better when paired with yellow pants. The white away jersey is clean and looks great whether paired with yellow or white. The Chargers are the only team to have three different shades of blue. The royal blue does a great job utilizing the yellow in the font numbers while the all-navy alternate is fire.

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