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Ranking Every Teams Starting Point Guard 1-30 For The 2022-2023 Season

This Is Ranked For Next Season

This ranking is for next season because teams want to look ahead with the season wrapping up. So remember this is before Free Agency and the draft. This is also incredibly subjective. This is also AFTER the 2021-2022 season. So they will be on whichever team they were on as of the finals. But let’s dive in.

(All depth Charts are according to

30: Tomas Satoransky, Washington Wizards

Satoransky sadly ranks dead last just due to how stacked this position is. He was the backup also until Spencer Dinwiddie got traded to Dallas. The best spot for him is easily the bench, and he should be moved back there. Just not starting quality, sadly.

29: Cole Anthony, Orlando Magic

I like Cole Anthony. A guy that has fun on and off the court, but I can’t justify putting him any higher. He only truly got the role due to injuries; if it weren’t for that, he’d probably be coming off of the bench. He is far better than Satoransky, though.

28: Monte Morris, Denver Nuggets

Can we please get Nikola Jokic some help? I mean, this is his good second option. It would also be Jamal Murray, but he didn’t touch the court this year. Morris isn’t awful, but I’d rather have anyone higher on this list, and I’m sure Jokic would agree.

27: Kemba Walker, New York Knicks

It’s always disappointing to see one of your favorite players progressively get worse. After his time, the downfall started, and it clearly showed here. At one point, he was the least efficient player in the NBA. His job will also likely be taken during free agency, the draft, or a trade.

26: Mike Conley, Utah Jazz

Conley was always an excellent point guard in Memphis, leading him to be traded to Utah. But sadly, it is clear he has lost his spark. At this point, Mitchell primarily runs the one there now. Truthfully that may have also been their downfall in the playoffs this year. But that’s for a different article.

25: Malcolm Brogdon, Indiana Pacers

The best ability is availability. Brogdon is excellent when he plays and will pair incredibly well with Hield and Haliburton on the court. He played less than half the season last year, and sadly I can’t put him higher. If he plays more, he very quickly can be top 15.

24: Kevin Porter Jr, Houston Rockets

This is a weird ranking for him. When I watch him, it doesn’t feel like he is meant to be a point guard but more of a forward. I know he is only 6’4, but if they draft a point guard this year and slide him to the two and Jalen green to the three for a minor ball offense, it could be terrific.

23: Jose Alvarado, New Orleans Pelicans

Grand theft Alvarado is easily one of the sickest nicknames in the NBA, but I can’t put him too high because of it. I also can’t put him high because his job got swiped by CJ McCollum, and he doesn’t have the offensive output to put him higher. He is elite defensively and has potential, but I can’t do him any higher.

22: Russel Westbrook, Los Angeles Lakers

It hurts so badly to have such a low ranking on Westbrook. One of this generation’s most electric and fun players has gone to crap. He was never a good shooter, except that got put on blast now. Not to mention, he isn’t a true point guard anymore. I understood he got better, which is why he is this high, but he is just so inefficient, and I’m pretty sure he hurt his team at some points in the season.

21: Reggie Jackson, Los Angeles Clippers

Back-to-back LA teams, and it’s for a good reason. Jackson has been the equivalent of Teddy Bridgewater in the NFL. Pretty solid, but you aren’t going to win a title with them at the helm. He is very consistent, though. He knows his job and does it very well. So, he gets the twentieth spot here.

20: D’Angelo Russell, Minnesota Timberwolves

This is another player I feel is at the wrong spot. I feel as if he should be a shooting guard more than anything. Which they realized all but too late. Towards the end of the season, they moved him to the two and had Patrick Beverly run the one. This is way better for him, and he will probably do well in the future there.

19: Josh Giddey, Oklahoma City Thunder

Has anyone got a shot? Pretty much the second coming of Russel Westbrook in OKC. Of course, I’m referring to nightly triple-double Westbrook, not sucky Westbrook. But the kid has been excellent so far in his career. He is the point guard of the future for the Thunder and will be deadly with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander next to him.

18: Tyrese Maxey, Philadelphia 76ers

Although I’m a Knicks fan, It makes me happy to see him doing well. He is such a likable player, and I’m thrilled Doc Rivers realized what he had by the time playoffs came around. While he isn’t the best passer quite yet, it is something he has time to develop. Especially with the tips he’ll get from Harden next to him.

17: Kyle Lowry, Miami Heat

The Heat knew they needed a true point guard for them this season, so they went out and traded for Lowry, who did his job during the regular season. But the critical word, regular. When the postseason came around, he curled up into a ball with injuries and stank it up. Very solid, but I wouldn’t say above average. So he is as close to mid as it gets. But he may lead the league in one category.

16: Cade Cunningham, Detroit Pistons

Like every rookie, it took him some time to adjust fully to the NBA game. But once he did, it was clear to everyone that Detroit had found their superstar of the future. Cunningham looked excellent throughout the season, especially given the roster around him. I’m sure he will be top ten in absolutely no time.

15: Lonzo Ball, Chicago Bulls

I wish I could put him higher, but it’s the same issue with Brogdon, just too many injuries. But when he plays, he is fantastic. Watching his plays reminds me a lot of almost a Clippers Chris Paul, but a worse passer and better rebounder. While he isn’t scoring as much as he was advertised to when he entered the league, he is still great at every other aspect of being a point guard in the NBA.

14: Fred VanVleet, Toronto Raptors

VanVleet has one of the most intriguing ways of getting to the NBA level we may have ever seen. After being an undrafted free agent, to being the sixth man, to being the leader of a playoff team. He is incredibly underrated and well-deserving of his ranking. Especially considering the hole he filled after Lowry left.

13: LaMelo Ball, Charlotte Hornets

One of the most exciting young players in the NBA comes in at thirteenth. Ball had big shoes to fill as his older brother Lonzo Ball is another great player but never lived up to his hype of being the second overall pick. But LaMelo has shown that he was worth being taken third overall. He has been a fantastic scorer and passer for the Hornets, their first source of relevancy since Chris Paul in ’08. Let’s see what he can do in year three now.

12: Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks

Holiday was the perfect fit for the Bucks system when they traded for him. I’m sure many of you mocked the Bucks for giving him such a huge contract, but it paid off. An all-star caliber player, and multiple-time defensive team player, he has earned his contract and the respect this ranking shows.

11: Dejounte Murray, San Antonio Spurs

Murray well might be one of the best-kept secrets in the NBA. It’s not due to him not being great; he got the all-star nod this year; it’s the fact he plays for San Antonio, who hasn’t returned to the playoffs since Zaza Pachulia stepped on Kawhi Leonard’s ankle. He could take that team pretty far if he gets proper help this off-season like Zach Lavine.

10: Marcus Smart, Boston Celtics

Man, I am going to get some hate for this one. Smart is not meant for the point guard spot. But he ranks this high because of the defense. The first guard since Gary Payton and Michael Jordan to win the defensive player of the year award, he deserves to be this high at least. While he isn’t the best scorer or passer, his team is in the Finals, aren’t they?

9: Darius Garland, Cleveland Cavaliers

I had a considerable debate between Garland and the next man on this list for who should be higher. Garland was spectacular this year as he took the reigns of the offense. Especially given how many people thought he wouldn’t be able to succeed in this role, or it should have been given to Sexton. He averaged 21, 8, and 3 and took the Cavaliers to the play-in tournament. Well deserving of a top ten spot.

8: De’Aaron Fox, Sacramento Kings

I feel so bad for this man. The dude is stuck in Sacramento. They gave him a bit of help between Haliburton and Sabonis, but just not enough. His numbers are incredibly close with Garlands, which made the debate so tough for me. But Fox has been doing this for longer, with a far worse team and far worse coaching staff and front office.

7: Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks

Now, when we get to this tier of players, it gets very hard. Young was nearly perfect for the Hawks this year. He scored an insane 28 points, ten assists, and four rebounds while leading his team to the playoffs. When it came to playing the Heat in the playoffs the rest of his team was simply outmatched despite his performance in the series. He should be moving up this list in no time.

6: Damian Lillard, Portland Trailblazers

Another guy I feel so badly for. Lillard has been a superstar for the past five seasons, and Portland has done nothing to help him. I am almost confident they are going in the opposite direction of helping him. They traded CJ McCollum this year; I imagine that was the final straw for him. If I were him, I’d demand a trade, specifically to Denver.

5: Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns

The one thing Chris Paul does better than anyone in the NBA is win games. Any team he is on automatically is turned into a playoff team. Obviously, the Suns were the first seed this year, went to the finals last year and he continues to impress even at the age of 37. Not to mention that he somehow turned the 2020 OKC Thunder into a playoff team. Let alone a team that forced seven games against the Rockets.

4: Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets

The most creative and arguably fun player to watch in the NBA comes fourth. In terms of point guards, he does something better than anyone else, creating space for himself. When we look at the best ball handlers in history, there is a clear top two. Kyrie Irving and Allen Iverson. Kyrie has continued to do great for himself at the position and will in the future.

3: Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies

If you weren’t already mad about this list, you are now. Morant was phenomenal all year and critical for the Grizzlies making the playoffs this year. While we knew it was time until he truly started dominating, no one expected him to do it all in one giant leap of a season. He has set himself up for a massive contract extension and a bright future in Memphis. No doubt in my mind he should be top three here.

2: Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks

Luka is so much fun to watch, man. For the sake of the Dallas organization and his career, they figure out a way to bring in another star to play next to him. He singlehandedly carried the Mavericks to the western conference finals, where they lost to the Warriors. If they can’t figure out a way to bring in another all-star next to him, he should honestly request a trade. He is looking like a young LeBron there, stuck like he was in Cleveland.

1: Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors

There is no way you expected any other answer, right? Curry is chasing the title for the greatest point guard of all time right now, and this year shows it. He is torching in the NBA finals as he just put up 43 to tie it up in game four of the finals. Curry has been elite for almost seven years and will likely stay like that for another five years. I also fully expect him to reach the goat status for point guards.


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