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Ranking Every Quarterback Room In The NFC East

The quarterback is the most important of any position on the football field. So, it's crucial to have a good quarterback situation if you want to win. Let's go through the NFC East and rank each quarterback room based on how good they are, if they can win now, and how well the team is set up for the future.

4) New York Giants

This was the clear number four. On the roster right now, it is just Daniel Jones and Drew Lock. Both quarterbacks have shown flashes, but not much more than that. It seemed as if Daniel Jones finally put it all together two years ago, leading the Giants to a playoff victory on the road in Minnesota. Still, comeback this year with injuries and a destroyed weapons core, and Jones looked miserable.

While it is not all his fault - and you are a fool if you think even the majority of it is his fault - the situation is by far the worst in the NFC East and is not close. The only thing the Giants QB room is the best at is nicknames, Vanilla Vick/ Danny Dimes for Daniel Jones, and... I'll let you look up Drew Lock's nickname yourself.

3) Dallas Cowboys

You may be surprised that I'm placing the Cowboys below the Commanders; allow me to explain myself. Dak Prescott is a fine quarterback with good stats who can get you to the playoffs. But he is closer to Kirk Cousins than an MVP-caliber quarterback. Prescott continuously chokes in the playoffs, never having made it to even the conference championship during his eight years in Dallas.

Not to mention that Dak will want a massive contract that will destroy the Cowboys if they choose to pay him. Dak can win in the regular season and get you a positive record but do nothing in the playoffs, which costs the Cowboys yearly. Nothing changes in Dallas until there is a change in their starting quarterback.

2) Washington Commanders

Jayden Daniels is electricity in a bottle. Very similar, in fact, to another Heisman-winning quarterback whom the Washington-based football franchise drafted back in 2012. Some folks might call it crazy to have a rookie above any established quarterback, but remember that this ranking includes the future.

A quarterback situation is not just a one-year problem you change every year. The best teams have an established signal caller leading the offense who has been doing this for years. Based on the pure potential and talent that Daniels brings to Washington, it is enough to get the Commanders ranked number two in the NFC East.

1) Philadelphia Eagles

The number one guy here is also the only one ever to make it past the divisional round in the playoffs. Jalen Hurts is very good at what he does, and while his stats are likely inflated due to an incredible offensive line and weapons core that constantly supports him, he is still a franchise quarterback.

Using your legs is an essential part of being a QB in the modern NFL, and Hurts is the second-best of any quarterback in the NFL with his legs. Hurts has continuously found ways to make the offense revolve around him and work better than ever before, like with the creation of the "tush-push," which only worked because Hurts squats 600 pounds. Jalen has a real offensive coordinator down in Philly now, and I'm both scared and excited to see what he can do.

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