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Three New York Rangers Who Stood Out In Game One Against The Capitals

The NHL playoffs are now here, and the New York Rangers are facing the Washington Capitals in the first round. The Rangers needed to get this series started correctly, and boy, they did.

The New York Rangers defeated the Washington Capitals 4-1. The Rangers now lead this series 1-0, which is a great start. So many players stood out for the Blueshirts in this game, but three stood out the most.

3) Barclay Goodrow Doesn't Look Cooked In Game 1

Out of all the players on this team who often labeled the weak link and cooked, two names usually come up. The first is Blake Wheeler, and the second name is Barclay Goodrow. While Goodrow's play has declined in the regular season, he shoOf plenty left in the tank tonight.

Today, he made two key assists in this game. The first assist came from the game's first goal, but his second assist was more important. It led to the Rangers' 3-0 lead, which was just too much for the Washington Capitals to come back from.

This was a great start for Goodrow, who needs a strong playoff performance. With Rempe taking the reigns of the critical and Sandpaper player, Goodrow is already a buyout candidate, but if he plays like this, the Buyout Option won't be explored.

2) Jimmy Vesey Was The Best Player On the Ice

While Vesey was a little lackluster on defense, his offensive play made him stand out. Vesey offensively scored the game's third goal, putting the Rangers in a 3-0 lead. What impressed me was the assist he made on the Matt Rempe goal. Speaking of Matt Rempe...

1) Matt Rempe

If there is one thing Matt Rempe is known for, it's for his grit and sandpaper side as a player. I mean, this kid is over with the NY Rangers fanbase. Well, tonight, they got another reason to love him, as he was a strong contributor offensively.

He scored the first goal of the game for the Blueshirts, and my goodness, the crowd went crazy. That is not all, as Rempe continued to showcase his grit and sandpaper side with his physical hits. You know he is eventually going to fight Tom Wilson in this series; at this point, it's not an if but when.

Game 1 was a success for the Rangers. Hopefully they keep playing this way and get a 2-0 lead by beating Washington again in their next game.


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