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Raider Nation Is Standing And Excited For The Future Of The Team

An Article Written By New Head Coach Antonio Pierce Will Have You Running Through A Wall

I'm not sure who made the mistake, but according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Washington Commanders have reached a deal with Kliff Kingsbury to become the new offensive coordinator.

Which is surprising news for Las Vegas Raiders fans who thought Kingsbury would be the team's next OC. Now, personally, I don't have any firsthand knowledge of the situation, but something must have happened internally at Kingsbury's camp. Maybe the Commanders' job was a better fit for him, or maybe the Raiders weren't on the same page as Kingsbury regarding offensive philosophy.

I didn't understand the hire at first, and I won't lie, I did get a bit excited about what might happen with the offense going forward. But think about it, is Kingsbury's style of offense suited for the Raiders? I believe in Antonio Pierce, and I believe he will bring back the mystique of the Raiders. Luckily, Antonio Pierce wrote a letter to Raider Nation on The Players' Tribune called 'Stand Up, Raider Nation,' and there's no better time than now to look it over and see what I think.

Okay, as a Las Vegas Raiders fan, I don't believe I have ever been more excited about the future of the team after reading this letter. Antonio Pierce is exactly what this team needs to reestablish itself as one of the best franchises in the NFL. The passion behind this letter almost made me run through a wall, and not worry about the consequences because I am a Raider and I believe in the Raider way. We are outlaws, and we cheer for the outlaw franchise in the NFL. It's time to be excited about being a Raiders fan, and Antonio Pierce is the reason. I know that he is going to give everything he has to this team, and that's all the Raider Nation wants.

We want someone who loves the Raiders as much as we do, and based on this letter, Antonio Pierce has heard our cries, and he is here to help, and hopefully facilitate. Just based on his passion, you know that this team is going to be different next year. We may not be flashy like some teams, but there will be no more games where the team doesn't even show up, no more games on the east coast where we know as a fanbase the team will not even show up. Antonio Pierce will bring back what we love most as a fanbase: JUST WINNING, BABY!!

Now in all honesty this letter should be posted everywhere in the facility, the powerful quotes that AP stated in this letter is exactly what we want to see as fans. I mean when he is telling us as fans that this is his dream, and he's dead serious about Raiders football how can the players not be motivated to play for a coach that is willing to put all that on the line.

Listen all you have to do is go back to the letter and re-read the story he wrote about playing the New York Giants as his first game as interim coach. He didn't care that he played for them, was a captain, and also won a Super Bowl with them, all he wanted to do was tell each and every one of them that the Raiders were going to lay down an ass whoopin'. And thats exactly what he did, 30-6 beat down of the New York Football Giants.

He talked about his past as a Raiders fan watching some of the greats do their thing in the Silver and Black, and brought up great names that have done great things in a Raiders uniform. Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, Charles Woodson, Willie Brown, and the late great John Madden. He also wasn't shy about who he is leaning on to help the Raiders get back to where he wants them to be, and that guy is Maxx Crosby.

Crosby has been a big advocate for Antonio Pierce, and it comes as no surprise that Pierce mentioned Crosby in both his introductory press conference as well as this letter he constructed. Crosby's role besides sacking QB's will be to be that guy who leads, and from everything we've seen it looks like Pierce has already had discussions with Maxx on his expanded role beyond football with the team. He will have a tough job, but if he continues to work like he does on the field, and goes 110 MPH at this opportunity, the future is bright for the Raiders.

Pierce and Crosby are going to work together to get this team in a position to where they are fighting for championships every year. And I'm sure Pierce will be able to single out the other guys who he wants to be leaders of the locker room, maybe guys like Davante Adams, Robert Spillane, Kolton Miller, and Amik Robertson. The key to a good organization is communication, responsibility, and hard working lifestyle.

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you're not motivated and ready for the next season after reading the end of his letter, then I might have to question your loyalty to the Raiders. For Pierce to call out all of the Raider haters and the public that looked down on the team for smoking victory cigars is just everything we all want to say to the rest of the NFL. And the message at the end is spot on. We are the Raiders, and we couldn't care less if you like us or not, but the Raiders will be respected. Don't think there has ever been a coach who wanted this job that badly, and it's not financial or anything like that.

This man grew up a Raiders fan, and he is living out his dream to be part of one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. He never played for the team, but he could write his name in Raiders and NFL history books if he can bring them back to greatness. And that's how we should look at this Raider Nation, treat Pierce as if he is one of us, because he is one of us. He is going to do everything possible for this team to be successful, and the Raider Nation wants a coach who wants to coach the Raiders and not use them as a stepping stone to a better opportunity. The Raiders are the opportunity that he wants, and the Raider Nation should and needs to be excited for the 2024 season and many years to come.



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