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Prep RedzoneTN Takeaways: Evaluating Promising Mississippi Delta Duo

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to attend Prep RedzoneTN Showcase football camp in Murfreesboro, TN for DaFanBoys and my show College SportsCast. I was there to watch and cover over 210 players who showed up to show out at the elite camp. On a beautiful day I had the pleasure of meeting and watching two Mississippi Delta Gentry High School 2023 seniors have one more shot to influence colleges and college coaches.

They were brought to the camp by Ayanna Lynn. While talking to her she told me she wished she had known about camps like these over two years ago because she was hoping that it wasn’t too late for quarterback Troy Griffin and wide receiver Jaylon Campbell.

Both boys are graduating this coming week. Troy Griffin is signed with a nearby Junior College, Mississippi Delta Community College. Mrs. Lynn went on to tell me that Jaylon Campbell was unsigned and had a standing offer to walk on with his teammate Troy at MDCC. They both have battled injuries in the careers but are super talented and with hopes of getting noticed by higher level college football teams and coaches.

Ayanna Lynn started and runs her own trucking company in Indianola, MS. The birthplace of B.B. King and the Delta Blues as well as his museum. Her company, Fire Line Logistics, INC has signed QB Troy Griffin to a $100, 000 NIL deal. Fire Lane Logistics INC is pleased to have chosen such a stellar student athlete to sponsor. “He’s just an all-around athlete and he possesses characteristics that we need in young men. I’m all for giving him what he needs to take this thing all the way”, Owner, Ayanna Lynn assured.

Ayanna Lynn started Fire Lane Logistics INC to give back to her community and create exposure in The Delta. “I wanted to show that people from Indianola can have their own business and be successful”, said Lynn. This is why I decided to reach back and pour back into Troy Griffin. Maybe one day he will start his own business and do the same”.

Troy has battled a few unfortunate injuries since his freshman year including a torn meniscus and a broken fibula. As well as he was affected by Covid missing time too. The multi-sport athlete has overcome to achieve every time. On Sunday his athleticism was on full display early with individual timed drills. He posted some of the best times in the L-drill, three cone drill, broad jump, and the 40-yard dash. I spoke to him twice. He is a very well-mannered young man and is ready to work and show off his peak abilities at MDCC the next two years in hopes of getting that elusive higher-level offer.

His teammate WR Jaylon Campbell jumped out at you from the beginning. His stature while under 6’0 is impressive. He looks physically every bit the part of a college athlete. As soon as drills started his athleticism leaped off the field with superbly timed drills. After the position group drills and instruction came the one-on-one competition drills. It was his time to shine. Time after time he made dramatic cuts on routes and made amazing plays.

On one route over the middle the DB had very tight, good coverage on him, and he jumped into the chest of the defender as the ball approached and made a very tough physically imposing catch. When the day was done Jaylon Campbell the unsigned 2023 soon to be graduate was named MVP of the wide receivers for Prep RedzoneTN. An inspiring reminder to keep working hard and success will come.

Whether the Prep Redzone Showcase opens more opportunities for this delta duo or not is yet to be determined. Maybe they go play together at MDCC for two years and put up numbers that are destined to get them noticed by other college programs. Their latent abilities, game sense, and natural talent only help their cause. However, on this day, both Troy and Jaylon showed their heart and talent late in their process.


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