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Predicting The Winner Of The 2022 MLB Home Run Derby

Who do you think will come out on top this year?

Predicting Things Is Very Hard

No matter who you are, predicting things to be exactly right is very challenging. We see it yearly with “March Madness” and little tournaments like this. I’ll be ignoring all of this and doing my best to predict the winner of every match of the Homerun derby. You may not agree with a few of my picks, but they are mine nonetheless so lets get into it.

Round One: Kyle Schwarber, Phillies vs. Albert Pujols, Cardinals

We all love seeing Pujols in the derby in his final season. Unfortunately, it will end gruesomely. Pujols doesn’t have the pop in his bat that he once had, and Kyle Schwarber has more pop in his bat than ever before. I believe that Schwarber wins this fairly convincingly, at least by three home runs. It is a nice send off to Pujols however, especially with the honorary all-star selection with Miguel Cabrera

Prediction: Kyle Schwarber, Phillies

Round One: Juan Soto, Nationals vs. Jose Ramirez, Guardians

This is a very intriguing matchup. While Soto hasn’t had the year that we have come to expect from him so far, he still has that pop in his bat. He’ll have his work cut out as he faces the MLB leader in RBIs. While Ramirez doesn’t have as many home runs as Soto, he still obviously has some power. My pick is Ramirez here. Soto’s time is coming, but it isn’t here quite yet. I think it is very close, but Ramirez wins it.

Prediction: Jose Ramirez, Guardians

Round One: Corey Seager, Rangers vs. Julio Rodriguez, Mariners

While the other matchups all have more prominent names than this one, I believe this could be the most intriguing match. Both players are great at driving it far beyond the wall, and it will collide for a close match. But I believe that Rodriguez will pull this one out over Seager. I think that he will take better advantage of the situation, and he will pull it out. The MLB also wants a big personality to advance.

Prediction: Julio Rodriguez, Mariners

Round One: Pete Alonso, Mets vs. Ronald Acuna Jr, Braves

The best match on paper is saved for last. Acuna is a phenomenal player but has lost a bit of popularity due to his injuries in the last few seasons. He is definitely looking for a win here to shore up his name recognition again. Too bad he will be crushed. Pete Alonso is the back to back winner, and there is no way he goes down in the first round. Polar Bear advances.

Prediction: Pete Alonso, Mets

Round Two: Kyle Schwarber, Phillies vs. Jose Ramirez, Guardians

Ramirez escaped Soto because I believe they are comparable in power. But versus Schwarber, it is a whole different story. Schwarber is one of the best power hitters in baseball right now, especially after the monster June he had. I’d love to see Ramirez advance past here, but I don’t believe it is possible for him versus Schwarber.

Prediction: Kyle Schwarber, Phillies

Round Two: Julio Rodriguez, Mariners vs. Pete Alonso, Mets

Unfortunately, we are in a very similar position to the previous match. Julio Rodriguez is one of the MLB’s best young stars, and he will likely return to the home run derby at some point in his career, which is good because he is going home in this one. It is said that Pete Alonso is bringing the same man who threw for him last year, who threw one of the best batting practice sessions ever. “Polar Pete” to the finals.

Prediction: Pete Alonso, Mets

FINALE: Kyle Schwarber, Phillies vs. Pete Alonso, Mets

The one and twos seeds meet in the final round of the derby. Schwarber is second in home runs, and Alonso is third. These two are goliaths for purely mashing home runs, which will be a finale for the ages. But unfortunately for Phillies fans, Alonso takes the victory. please don’t throw batteries at me Philadelphia fans. Pete is back-to-back champ, and I strongly believe he has everything going his way to be back-to-back-to-back champion.

Winner: Pete Alonso, Mets, aka “Polar Bear”



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