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Predicting The Buffalo Bills Win-Loss Record After The Schedule Release

The Buffalo Bills will go 15-2 this season. With the 2022 NFL schedule release, fans have now had plenty of time to digest what their teams will be encountering this season. I’ve done my share of analysis of the Bills’ schedule for the upcoming season, and I’ve come to some bold conclusions. 2022 will officially be the season in which the Bills take over the AFC.

This takeover has been a couple of years in the making, but it will formally commence this season. The AFC has made some high-profile moves this offseason, with several teams improving their standing and some who seem to be coming into the new season weaker than they have before.

The Road to 15-2

There’s no reason to believe the Bills are one of the teams that comes into the new season weaker than last. With Stefon Diggs locked up for the next several seasons and Josh Allen continuing to improve all the time, they’re primed to make this the season where everything comes together.

They chose to take the draft as an opportunity to increase their production at the running back position by drafting James Cook, which was an obvious need to anyone who’s watched them over the last couple of seasons. This comes when Kansas City trades away Tyreek Hill, and Cincinnati, in my humble opinion, remains remarkably puzzling for a Super Bowl team. I’d argue there’s a considerable distance between these two teams and the Buffalo Bills at this moment in time.

Primetime Schedule

Ultimately, this all comes down to matchups. A home opener against Tennessee provides a solid opportunity. Had Josh Allen not slipped during last year’s game, it almost surely would’ve ended differently than it did. This year, the Bills appear to have a clear advantage with strengthening the corner position and the departure of A.J. Brown from Tennessee.

This, indeed, on paper, seems to be a spot for a one-game improvement over the record of last season. It remains to be seen what, if anything, Tennessee’s passing game will be able to muster with the departure of Brown and Ryan Tannehill once again behind center. There’s also a matchup against Green Bay that appears to be fruitful. Green Bay comes into this season as a bit of a question mark with the departure of Davante Adams. So, can Aaron Rodgers find someone else to take the place of Adams?

Seems unlikely. Even though Aaron Rodgers appears to win MVP each season just by showing up, the Bills’ defense is built to cause trouble for teams struggling to find an expansive passing game.

If Von Miller attracts enough attention from the opposing offensive line, the rest of the defensive line could be open for a field day of getting after Green Bay’s quarterback. If this forces Green Bay’s offense to make decisions they don’t want to make, the defense could make them pay for this all game.

All of the primetime scheduling awarded to them will show football fans nationwide how good this Bills team really is.

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Billy Should Have a Lot to Cheer About This Season

Week One Super Bowl

Then, there’s the game with Los Angeles, the defending Super Bowl champions. What better game for the Bills to prove they’re the favorites to win this year’s Super Bowl? There is pressure on Los Angeles to come out and show that they’re prepared to compete for the trophy again this season. The Bills are out to prove the hype building around them the last couple of seasons has not been for nothing. The Bills will be sending an immense message to the league with a win in this game.

I’m looking at a schedule that appears to be quite favorable. If you grant, at most, one divisional loss throughout the season, where do you go from there? Bengals? Browns? Ravens? Chiefs? When you dig into each of these matchups, it isn’t difficult to see where the advantages are for the Bills. I’m serious when I say I don’t see more than two losses coming this season.

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