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Predicting The 2023 Home Run Derby!

With the MLB's All-Star weekend right around the corner, I will predict each matchup of the Home Run Derby down to who takes home the crown. Let's get into it.

Round 1, Top Left: Luis Robert Jr. Vs. Adley Rutschman

With him also having the second-to-lowest odds, I love Rutschman to win this. The Baltimore catcher has quickly become one of the MLB's darlings, and I can't see him going out so fast. We could also see him switch it up in the middle of the at-bats and swing from the other side. Despite being favored, Robert Jr is solid; but he won't knock out Rutschman. Let's ensure he doesn't get injured during the introductions first.

Round 1, Bottom Left: Adolis Garcia Vs. Randy Arozarena

Believe it or not, I'm going to go with Garcia here. With how good the Rangers are and so many aren't buying it, Garcia will be playing for something more. Arozarena, also despite being very fondly viewed, won't have as much success. Give me Garcia to go through.

Round 1, Top Right: Mookie Betts Vs. Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

So far, this is my favorite matchup. Betts Vs. Guerrero is an awesome matchup, and I'd likely have both of these batters being the previous four mentioned. But, the luck of the draw has them facing each other. With that being said, give me Betts. No MLB fan hates Betts, myself included, so I must root for the man. Plus, he is just so good at baseball. No reason why it can't be Jr; both are incredible, but I lean toward Betts.

Round 1, Bottom Right: Pete Alonso Vs. Julio Rodriguez

The MLB All-Star game is in Seattle this year, and Julio wants revenge. Rodriguez came in second last year and lost 18-19 to Juan Soto. Pete Alonso won the previous two years and will put up a fight. But in his house, Julio needs to get his revenge and at least get past the first round.

Round 2, Right Side: Adley Rutschman Vs. Adolis Garcia

This is an exciting matchup. Garcia has been a reticent player; only a few know his strength. But that won't be enough to stop Rutschman. The Orioles catcher will go to the finals, and the MLB will be so happy that the young protege is still alive. Garcia is cool; I don't think he can hang with Adley here. Give me Rutschman.

Round 2, Left Side: Mookie Betts Vs. Julio Rodriguez

This one is a lot more interesting to me than the previous one. Both f these guys can SMASH the ball. But baseball is a young man's game. That is why we got a Julio Rodriguez vs Adley Rutschman matchup, baby. Rodriguez is at home, and after earning the huge contract, becoming an all-star, AND being the runner-up from last year; he isn't letting it go easily.

Finale: Adley Rutschman Vs. Julio Rodriguez

These two will be the top dogs standing at the end, determining the inner. The future of baseball is incredibly bright with these two leading the way, and we may glimpse a future rivalry. But someone has to win, and that "someone" is Julio Rodriguez. Rodriguez came up just short last year. He's got the power and is the hometown hero this year. I'm betting on Julio Rodriguez to win it all.

Home Run Derby Champion: Julio Rodriguez


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