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Predicting Dolphins-Lions: Biologically Impossible Sunday Showdown Promises Fireworks

Not even marine biologists can figure out how to get Dolphins and Lions in a common place where they can settle their difference. Enter the NFL, who brings them together on Sunday to battle. In all seriousness, this will be an important game for the Dolphins in a crowded AFC East picture in what, on paper, looks like a very winnable game. Stadium Rant gets together to predict this one, followed by my own thoughts.

Dolphins vs Lions Score Predictions

@coldwirematt – Contributing Writer for Windy City Rant: 20-10 Dolphins

“Tua gets his second win since returning from his concussion. While the Dolphins offense is better with him, the defense also starts to hold in the second half of games for him.”

The Dolphins have certainly shown some good form on both sides. Tua will still be getting into it and didn’t have a great offensive showing, but with these weapons, it’s just a matter of time. The defense has had a good season so far, but their opposing offense in Detroit is a different beast.

@TheMeghanHall – Managing Editor For Indy Intercept: 25-21 Jets

“The Jets keep finding ways to win games. I’m totally here for it. I think they continue that streak against the Patriots who are having some questions on offense with Mac Jones

Seems like the questions on offense point is coming up a lot, but it’s warranted. The Patriots need to instill confidence in their quarterback to get the best out of him and Mac needs to be given time to settle in. Regardless, the fearsome Jets front seven will be a problem. The Patriots will need their duo of Stevenson and Harris to open up the offense.

The Jets do keep finding ways to win, but the Patriots on defense pose a new challenge. Last week’s Jets win was a seven-point win against a Broncos team down to Brent Rypien, and the offense looked vulnerable. Look for the ferocious, hungry Patriots team to take advantage.

@Kailani_SCH – Managing Editor For Giants Gridiron: 42-10 Dolphins

“Horsepower of the Dolphins will run all over the Lions. The Cheetah will have a big day!”

As Kailani said, the Dolphins should be able to take advantage of mismatches with a weaker Lions defense. Fast receivers and good running backs typically match up well with a weaker secondary and an average linebacker core. The Dolphins will certainly have to watch for Aidan Hutchinson off the edge and protect Tua accordingly.

@patsdowney – Contributing Writer For Gillette Gazette: 45-30 Dolphins

“I fully expect the Dolphins to TORCH the Lions defense. Tua is going to have another crazy game like he did against Baltimore and Waddle and Tyreek will be his go-to people on every play. Mike McDaniels will be salvitating at the thought of gameplanning against the Lions sloppy defense.”

It won’t be an immediate return to his early-season form with the injury return, but the Dolphins have too much talent on the skill positions for the Lions to be able to keep up defensively. The best chance for Detroit to take this one is a shootout. However, while the Lions have been good offensively this season, their last two outings have been subpar, getting shut out by the Patriots and then having a mere six points against the Cowboy.

My Own Thoughts

The Dolphins win this one 27-13. With two good offenses and two poor defenses, this has shootout written all over it on paper. However, both offenses have struggled of late, and the Dolphins’ defense has been getting it going in the bigger situations. It’s going to be in Detroit, so that complicates things for the Dolphins.

Both teams are going to move the ball well, so keys to this game are going to be red zone offense/defense and the turnover battle. Ultimately, the Dolphins are too talented to lose this one.

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