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Potential Reunions Looming For The Steelers

After seeing General Manager Omar Khan be more aggressive last year than the Steelers usually are in free agency, many Steelers fans are hoping for the same this year. The team has some holes to fill if they want to be competitive again in 2024. The offense needs as much help as possible, but that is a conversation for another time. 

A player leaving in free agency and returning to their old home after finding out the grass isn’t greener? A page out of the dynastic Patriots book or, even more recently, the Chiefs with Mecole Hardman. Sometimes, a reunion is in the cards; the Steelers may have that chance this summer as an old friend is hitting the market. 

Help On The Defensive Side

A guy that Steelers fans seemed to hate in his first couple of years in Pittsburgh but only improved every year he was in the black and yellow, Terrell Edmunds will be looking for a new home this offseason. Edmunds left Pittsburgh for the Philadelphia Eagles last summer and played just seven games with them before being shipped to the Tennessee Titans in the trade that sent recently cut Kevin Byard to the Eagles. 

After the trade, Edmunds played nine games for the Titans, instantly seeing more production. In his nine games, Edmunds gathered two and a half sacks, 14 solo tackles, two tackles for loss, two forced fumbles, and an interception against Jacksonville in a game that helped the Steelers make the playoffs. The guy bleeds black and yellow.  

Edmunds appeared in 16 games last season, showing his strong availability. In his five years in Pittsburgh, Edmunds started in 75 of the 79 games he appeared in and logged more than 90% of defensive snaps every year as a Steeler except 2020, where he logged 89%. He had five interceptions on 26 passes defended and a fumble recovery. He also logged 410 tackles, 276 being solo, with 15 tackles for loss. 

Edmunds is still only 27 years old and has plenty of experience playing with some Steelers guys like Minkah Fitzpatrick and Damontae Kazee—something to keep your eye on.  

Steelers Bring Home Veteran Quarterback?

This one feels a lot less likely than Edmunds, but if the Steelers are looking for a veteran quarterback to have in the room, a third stint in Pittsburgh could be in play for Josh Dobbs after he found some success last season as a starting quarterback. 

Last season, Dobbs started eight games with the Cardinals, where he went 1-7 but was able to post a 62.8% completion rate, 1,569 yards, eight touchdowns, and five interceptions. They are not top-caliber quarterback numbers, but they are good enough for the Vikings to trade for him after Kirk Cousins went down. 

Dobbs appeared in five games in Minnesota and started four before being benched. In those four games, Dobbs posted a 62.9% completion rate with 895 yards, five touchdowns, and five interceptions. It may have gotten rocky towards the end, but Dobbs showed he could sling it in the league in some capacity. 

Dobbs never really got a chance to show what he had in Pittsburgh, but he spent much time on the sidelines being Ben Roethlisberger’s right-hand man. Dobbs is a scientist; after all, he’s got the brains. It’s often said he was a big part of the offensive game plan in Pittsburgh. A less likely reunion, but it could be a cool one. 

These might not be the big splash plays that some want to see the Steelers make this offseason, but they could be helpful if that’s the direction that Khan and the Steelers front office look in. Khan has proven to leave no stone unturned regarding roster improvement in his short time in Pittsburgh. 

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