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Play-caller For A Successful 2022 Patriots Defense

The Patriots need a play-caller as we have not named an offensive or defensive coordinator for the 2022 season. Therefore, Bill’s decision leads to the question of who will call plays for the Patriots’ defense.

The Patriots currently have six defensive staff members and Bill Belichick, who comes from a defensive background. I will analyze each of them and say why they should call plays and why they should not.

Discussing the Candidates

Bill Belichick- Head Coach

Why he should call plays

He’s done it before and done it well. He was the Defensive Coordinator for the Giants from 1985 to 1990, where he helped them win two Super Bowls and had one of the top two defenses in points allowed three times, including allowing the fewest points in football in 1990 (it wasn’t all him but he played a big part)

Why he should not call plays

He’s the Head Coach and has a lot of other responsibilities. He is responsible for conducting practices and team meetings during the week and addressing the media. He is also been seen working exclusively with the offensive side of the ball this off-season.

DeMarcus Covington- Defensive Line Coach

Why he should call plays

He has experience calling plays as Defensive Coordinator at Eastern Illinois in 2016 and has been a coach in New England for five years, so he knows the personnel and language used in the system as well as anyone. Barmore seems to be taking quite well to the coaching so Covington is definitely doing something correct

Why he should not call plays

The biggest reason is that he already has responsibilities coaching the Defensive Line and is relatively inexperienced as he only has seven years of coaching experience above Graduate Assistant. The experience of calling NFL plays can’t be understated, the play-caller must understand the flow of the game and be able to apply pressure at the right moments.

Jerrod Mayo- Inside Linebackers Coach

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Why he should call plays

He has played under the Belichick defensive system making two Pro Bowls and an All-Pro First Team, and has coached for three years under Belichick. He commands respect because of his playing career. In addition, he showed leadership skills throughout his career as he was named team captain in seven of his eight NFL seasons.

Why he should not call plays

He only has three years of coaching experience which is a meager total for a play-caller, and he may not be ready for this level of responsibility. However, he also already coaches a position and has significant weekly commitments.

Steve Belichick- Outside Linebackers Coach

Why he should call plays

He has been with the organization for a decade and has called plays since 2019 after Brian Flores was named Head Coach in Miami. Also, he has coached linebackers and the secondary, so he has coached multiple positions that may help with playcalling.

Why he should not call plays

He is already coaching a position, which would add a level of responsibility and possible distraction. He also needs to control his facial expressions on the sideline because everyone remembers the lip-licking incident.

Brian Belichick- Safeties Coach

Why he should call plays

He worked in scouting and as a Coaching Assistant, so he has had some input into the defensive playcalling. As a Scouting Assistant, he has had to scout other teams’ tendencies which could be helpful with calling a defense.

Why he should not call plays

He only has two years of being a position coach and only has five years of total experience at any level of coaching. He also is coaching a position which could be a distraction.

Mike Pellegrino- Cornerbacks

Why he should call plays

He spent four years as a Coaching Assistant, which likely meant he had some input in playcalling. Having spent his entire professional career in New England. He has had a decent run being the CB coach, working with Steph Gilmore during his DPOY campaign in 2019.

Why he should not call plays

He only has three years as a position coach and has minimal football experience in general as he was a pro lacrosse player and played lacrosse in college. He also is coaching a position that could be seen as a negative. As said earlier this is a significant responsibility and Pellegrino just isn’t prepared for that duty quite yet, not with more qualified options.

The Play-Caller should be?

This was a pretty easy decision for who my choice would be for the Patriots’ defensive play-caller this year. It is Steve Belichick as he has done it in the recent past and done it exceptionally as they went from 7th to 1st in points allowed decreasing their points allowed from 325 to 225.

He knows the organization inside and out from his decade in New England. Of course, this is done with the watchful oversight of his father. If it isn’t Steve, the next likely option would be Jerod Mayo due to his on-field play-calling duties during his playing career.

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