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Pirates Are No Stranger To Disappointment

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

After a very hot start, the Pittsburgh Pirates have more than cooled off by this point. In the annals of MLB history, the 1992 Pittsburgh Pirates season stands out as a disappointing chapter. With a roster brimming with talent and an unwavering spirit, Pittsburgh embarked on a journey that would captivate fans and etch their names into Pittsburgh lore…well not in a good way.

Building Momentum

Heading into the 1992 season, Pittsburgh was armed with a talented roster that had shown glimpses of their potential in previous years. Led by the charismatic manager Jim Leyland, the team was determined to make a statement. Stars like Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla, Andy Van Slyke, Doug Drabek, and Jay Bell formed the backbone of a formidable lineup that struck fear into the hearts of their opponents.

The Regular Season

Pittsburgh began the season with a flurry, showcasing their explosive offense and stingy defense. The combination of Bonds, Bonilla, and Van Slyke terrorized pitchers, while Bell’s slick fielding anchored the team’s defense. The Pirates held the top spot in the NL East for the majority of the regular season, defying expectations and igniting the passion of their fans.

Bonds, in particular, enjoyed a spectacular season, displaying his exceptional all-around skills. He won his second consecutive National League MVP award, amassing mind-boggling statistics that included 34 home runs, 103 RBIs, 36 stolen bases, and a .311 batting average. Bonds’ stellar performance became a driving force behind Pittsburgh’s success.

The Playoff Push

As the regular season drew to a close, Pittsburgh faced stiff competition from the surging Montreal Expos. The two teams engaged in an intense battle for the division crown, with the lead changing hands multiple times. However, the Pirates maintained their composure and clinched the NL East title on the final day of the season, finishing three games ahead of the Expos.

The 1992 NLCS

Advancing to the NLCS for the third consecutive year, the Pirates faced the Atlanta Braves in a thrilling showdown. The series showcased the best of both teams, as they battled through seven fiercely contested games. The Pirates’ pitching staff, anchored by Drabek and knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, rose to the occasion, neutralizing the Braves’ potent offense.

In Game 7, the Pirates’ fortunes were hanging by a thread, with the score tied at 2-2 in the bottom of the ninth inning. Francisco Cabrera of the Braves stepped up to the plate with two runners on base. Cabrera connected with a line drive to left field, and David Justice scored the winning run, dashing the Pirates’ hopes of returning to the World Series.

Legacy and Impact

Although the Pirates fell short of their ultimate goal, their spirited and accomplished season left an indelible mark on the franchise and its fans. Or so they hoped. In reality, the season was the start of a disappointing 1990s decade, followed by an even more awful 2000s decade.

The season marked the end of an era for the Pirates. It was the last time the team reached the playoffs until their triumphant return in 2013. The 1992 Pirates season serves as a reminder of the glory days and fuels the dreams of Pirates fans, who yearn for a return to the pinnacle of success of the 1960s and 1970s era.


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