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Picking Each NFL Week Six Winner

It was a tough week for our staff writers game picks in Week Five, but the squad looks to bounce back in Week Six.

This week is headlined by the Broncos and Chiefs on Thursday night, the Bills face the Giants on Sunday night and the Dallas Cowboys travel to Los Angeles for a matchup with the Chargers.

To see our picks from last week -- please click here. You can also get ready for Week Six with new gear! Find all of the best fan gear for all 32 teams on

Here are our NFL Week Six game picks.

NFL Game Picks Record

Name: JT Howland

Record: 51-27-0 (65.4%)

Last Week: 8-6-0

Name: Enrique Samano

Record: 41-23-0 (64.1%)

Last Week: 0-0-0

Name: Danny Fisher

Record: 49-29-0 (62.8%)

Last Week: 9-5-0

Name: William Luke Hendrick

Record: 30-18-0 (62.5%)

Last Week: 7-7-0

Name: Hayden Remillard

Record: 47-31-0 (60.3%)

Last Week: 6-8-0

Name: Michael Heisner

Record: 43-35-0 (55.1%)

Last Week: 8-6-0

Denver Broncos VS Kansas City Chiefs (Thursday, 8:15pm EST)

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 34-16

Reason: Two divisional rivals in opposite directions on TNF. Easiest pick for the week!

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 42-10

Reason: Chiefs simply own Denver. Mahomes builds his resume for his 3rd MVP.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 23-17

Reason: Denver shows up but it's not enough to take down the best team in the AFC.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 24-10

Reason: The Broncos look lost, and the Chiefs are beginning to hit their stride.

Baltimore Ravens VS Tennessee Titans (Sunday, 9:30am EST)

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 24-20

Reason: A big duel as both teams coming off heartbreaking losses. Ravens sneak a win.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 27-17

Reason: The Ravens got to London early on Monday to settle in and get used to the time difference. The Titans are also going to be without Treylon Burks facing a strong Ravens defense.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 17-13

Reason: Lamar shows London how great he is at football.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 21-17

Reason: The Ravens look good against the Titans.

Carolina Panthers VS Miami Dolphins (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Miami Dolphins 40-17

Reason: Miami is hot hot hot and Carolina is not not not. Big day incoming for Tua and the Dolphins.

Pick: Miami Dolphins 44-14

Reason: Dolphins win and they win big. The Panthers continue to be the only winless team in the NFL.

Pick: Miami Dolphins 45-10

Reason: This isn't going to be fun for Carolina.

Pick: Miami Dolphins 42-12

Reason: This could get ugly for the Panthers. Miami continues to soar.

New Orleans Saints VS Houston Texans (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: New Orleans Saints 23-20

Reason: Tough choice here. Saints looked dominant last week and can continue to roll.

Pick: New Orleans Saints 23-17

Reason: C.J. Stroud has been the best rookie quarterback this year and hasn’t thrown an interception. I think he throws his first this Sunday against a defense that ranks 4th in opponent interceptions thrown percentage.

Pick: New Orleans Saints 23-22

Reason: Saints take down a good Texans team.

Pick: New Orleans Saints 23-21

Reason: Stroud and the Texans push late, but come up short against the Saints.

Washington Commanders VS Atlanta Falcons (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Atlanta Falcons 28-18

Reason: Desmond Ridder played the best game of his career last week. Can he perform an encore?

Pick: Atlanta Falcons 24-21

Reason: The Falcons have been perfect at home this year and Washington has been 1-1 on the road. Bijan Robinson has a BIG game.

Pick: Washington Commanders 17-10

Reason: Commanders bounce back after that horrible loss to the Bears last week.

Pick: Washington Commanders 21-14

Reason: Washington will want to get a win here after getting 40 dropped on them last Thursday.

Indianapolis Colts VS Jacksonville Jaguars (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars 28-17

Reason: Indianapolis has been playing well with Minshew and Richardson, but last week the Jags looked like a top AFC team and should bring out the brooms for the sweep.

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars 24-21

Reason: Colts keep it close without rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson.

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars 27-21

Reason: Jags are showing they are the best team in the AFC SOUTH.

Pick: Indianapolis Colts 28-27

Reason: No Anthony Richardson, no problem for the Colts, who are facing a Jags team who have spent two weeks in London.

Seattle Seahawks VS Cincinnati Bengals (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 24-23

Reason: Did Burrow finally get back on track? Tough matchup but Cincy gets to .500.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks 34-27

Reason: Only two teams since week 2 one a top-6 offense and defense in EPA/play: the Chiefs and the Seahawks. Seattle is also coming off a bye week.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 20-17

Reason: Bengals are starting to show life and they can't drop this game or they could be done.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 31-28

Reason: This is a good test to see if the Bengals are actually the team we all think they can be.

Minnesota Vikings VS Chicago Bears (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Minnesota Vikings 27-20

Reason: Justin Fields has played very well, but Vikings feel like the way better team.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings 31-28

Reason: Vikings aren't that bad, Kirk balls out this week.

Pick: Chicago Bears 28-24

Reason: My faith is the Minnesota Vikings is dying a slow and painful death. Bears win by four at home.

San Francisco 49ers VS Cleveland Browns (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: San Francisco 49ers 34-23

Reason: This score depends on who plays at QB for Cleveland but 49ers either way.

Pick: San Francisco 49ers 31-13

Reason: The 49ers are the best team in the NFL. The only team to have a top 3 offense and defense statistically.

Pick: San Francisco 49ers 24-6

Reason: I have no idea if Watson is playing so take the 49ers.

Pick: San Francisco 49ers 27-20

Reason: I think the Browns will keep this close, but the Niners are the much better team.

New England Patriots VS Las Vegas Raiders (Sunday, 4:05pm EST)

Pick: Las Vegas Raiders 23-20

Reason: Everything has gone wrong for New England as they battle some of their former players.

Pick: Las Vegas Raiders 21-13

Reason: The Patriots have the worst offense in the NFL. Maxx Crosby is going to make Mac Jones life miserable.

Pick: New England Patriots 14-13

Reason: Patriots have to win sometime so why not now.

Pick: Las Vegas Raiders 28-11

Reason: You couldn't pay me to pick the New England Patriots.

Detroit Lions VS Tampa Buccaneers (Sunday, 4:25pm EST)

Pick: Detroit Lions 32-28

Reason: The game of a week is a Goff-Mayfield duel with firework potential.

Pick: Detroit Lions 30-20

Reason: Bucs have been punching above their weight class but this game starts a loss streak for the Bucs.

Pick: Detroit Lions 27-24

Reason: Jared Goff is balling and the Lions keep winning.

Pick: Detroit Lions 31-30

Reason: The Bucs and Lions square off in the week's most entertaining game.

Arizona Cardinals VS Los Angeles Rams (Sunday, 4:25pm EST)

Pick: Los Angeles Rams 34-16

Reason: LA should get back on track versus the Caleb Williams hopefully Cardinals.

Pick: Los Angeles Rams 27-14

Reason: Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp have a big day against a defense that is struggling in the red zone.

Pick: Los Angeles Rams 28-24

Reason: Rams look pretty good so far and they keep it up.

Pick: Los Angeles Rams 28-21

Reason: The Cardinals play hard, but struggle to defend Puka and Cooper Kupp.

Philadelphia Eagles VS New York Jets (Sunday, 4:05pm EST)

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 34-18

Reason: Jets have never beaten the Eagles ever and I don’t expect that to change.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 23-17

Reason: Eagles have too many weapons and Zach Wilson is still a bad quarterback.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 17-14

Reason: Eagles pull away late to get the win.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 31-10

Reason: The Eagles roll against the Jets.

New York Giants VS Buffalo Bills (Sunday, 8:20pm EST)

Pick: Buffalo Bills 45-16

Reason: Maybe a little bit too high of a score but not expecting this to be close.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 34-10

Reason: Can someone please slot this out of the Sunday night football spot? This is going to be a thrashing for all of America to see.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 38-6

Reason: The Giants stink and the Bills are really good.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 38-18

Reason: Why must we watch the Giants in primetime every week? Give us a break!!!

Dallas Cowboys VS Los Angeles Chargers (Monday, 8:15pm EST)

Pick: Dallas Cowboys 34-31

Reason: I want the chargers to win and I think they can but I’ll take Dallas and be safe.

Pick: Los Angeles Chargers 27-23

Reason: Chargers are coming off a bye and getting running back Austin Ekeler back.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys 35-34

Reason: Chargers find away to blow it late.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys 28-21

Reason: The Cowboys should be upset after a disappointing SNF outing.



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