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Patriots Vs. Jets: How To Watch, Stream, Listen, And More: A Complete Guide

As usual, there are plenty of different ways to watch the game for all types of viewers. Here’s an updated, compiled list of how you can get in on the action for Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

Patriots. Jets. A rivalry as old as time itself. A war that’s been playing out for 62 years involving 127 separate battles between two of the NFL’s most storied franchises. The ongoing feud between the Pats and the Jets is near the top of the list regarding NFL rivalries. It’s a rivalry that’s surpassed in intensity only by the longest-lasting rivalries in the history of the sport, going back to the original NFL teams (it’s fair to say Bears Vs. Packers is the best rivalry in NFL history, and Cowboys Vs. Giants is probably second).

The Patriots have accumulated a fair number of rivals besides the Jets over the years, mostly during the Belichick-Brady dynasty era. The Dolphins, Giants, Colts, Steelers, Ravens, Bills, and arguably a couple of other teams have consistently brought their A-game against New England in recent memory, as every coach, player, fan, and every coaches, player’s, and fan’s Mom consider their yearly matchup(s) against Bill Belichick to be amongst the most important games on the schedule each season. A win against Belichick and the Patriots is validation for any team and could potentially amount to the type of titanic victory that can entirely change the course of an NFL season through the resulting shift in momentum.

This week is no exception, with the Jets stumbling into Foxboro fresh off their shared bye-week with New England. In their last game during Week Nine, the Jets pulled off an unexpected victory against the Super Bowl favorite Buffalo Bills, whilst meanwhile, the Patriots were busy throttling the Indianapolis Colts so badly that they subsequently fired their Head Coach of four years and replaced him with the first person (Jeff Saturday) to be appointed a Head Coach at the NFL level without prior NFL or College Head Coaching experience since 1961 (Norm Van Brocklin).

It turns out the Colts had approached a few other people, including Peyton Manning, about possibly becoming their new Head Coach during the hiring process. Peyton was interested in the job, but due to prior commitments and a busy schedule, he told them they should “Call back on Saturday.” The Colts brass misunderstood, and in the ultimate miscommunication, they took Manning’s perceived advice and mistakenly called back Jeff Saturday, whom they coincidentally had recently been in contact with, whilst attempting to coax him into various coaching staff roles over the recent years. (Disclaimer: This is 100% not true, although it does make more sense than anything we currently know).

Jokes aside and shifting focus back to this Sunday’s game between the Jets and Patriots, this could turn out to be the most important game in the season for either of these teams. A fact of which we can rest assured that everybody involved in both organizations is well aware. When these two teams show up to throw down this weekend, it’s guaranteed to be a high-intensity, high-stakes, passionate, adrenaline-fueled thrill ride that will unquestionably captivate the masses and indubitably set the tone for the remainder of the season and possibly beyond.

Both teams are vying to get ahead in what’s currently the league’s best division (AFC east). Each team intends to prove themselves on Sunday in a game that will very likely directly affect the postseason scenario come time for playoffs.

This year, come postseason, something interesting to look out for is the possibility of the AFC east becoming the first division in NFL history to have all four of its teams make the playoffs. If the playoffs started today, all four teams would be in. It’s a very distinct possibility that if these teams can keep playing at their current levels, we might very well be in the midst of a historic season of NFL football that will never be forgotten.

The Pats have managed to beat the Jets an astonishing 13 times in a row, which is considerably more impressive when you consider the struggles of New England during the post-Tom Brady era. However, it seems as though the Jets come closer to beating us, everytime we play, and I don’t think it would be the biggest surprise if they finally managed to come away with an underwhelming victory against the Pats on Sunday.

That being said, considering the Patriots are 13-0 in their last 13 games against the Jets, it’s pretty obvious that people will be even less surprised when the Patriots play the role of the Incredible Hulk and the Jets play the role of… a Jet plane, this Sunday, when the Patriots smash the Jets like the Hulk crumpling a small Jet into a mangled titanium accordion with his bare hands.

Now, let’s get into all the ways you can get in on the action for Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets:


Date: Sunday, November 20th, 2022

Time: 1:00 PM ET


This week’s game will be broadcast on CBS nationally with commentary by Ian Eagle (play-by-play), Charles Davis (color commentary), and Evan Washburn (sideline).

It can be seen locally on WBZ-TV Channel 4.

Here’s a handy map displaying which areas the game will broadcast in (from [If you’re an out-of-area fan and aren’t slated to receive the broadcast in your area, you won’t be able to watch it on any streaming services besides NFL Sunday Ticket. (I.E., The coverage map also applies to potential streaming services)]:

The Patriots/Jets game will be broadcast to the areas represented with dark blue. (Shoutout to — Pat Keefe (@PatKeefe12) November 19, 2022

Streaming Options

You can stream the game on FuboTV (Free trial available).

You can stream the game on NFL+ (Free trial available).

You can stream the game on Paramount+ (Free trial available).

Out-of-Market Fans can watch the game via NFL Sunday Ticket.

International Viewers can access a stream of the game via NFL Game Pass.

Additionally, the Game will be broadcast on “as Patriots Editor-in-Chief Fred Kirsch offers his live commentary on all the action. Plus, get live stats, score updates, highlights, and more.” – This option is likely available for local viewers only.


Sports USA Radio The game will be broadcast nationally on Sports USA Radio.

Per usual, the game will be broadcast over AM/FM radio through 98.5 The Sports Hub. A list of all 33 local New England radio stations broadcasting the game can be found here.

SiriusXM App: 821 (NE), 824 (NYJ) | SiriusXM: 388 (NE), 230 (NYJ)


Gang Green have made the most of the numerous high-numbered draft picks they’ve been bestowed over recent years, and frankly, they look as good as or better than they ever have during my 25 or so years as a Patriots fan. All signs have been pointing to a passing of the divisional torch in the AFC East for years, as the Patriots have seemingly had trouble developing a proper championship-caliber cohesion between players and their increasingly experimental coaching staff. Along with the Patriot’s struggles to be an elite entity within the NFL as they have been in years past, the other three teams in the AFC east, respectively, all look better than they have in years or even decades.

Be that as it may, Belichick has been ruthless in pursuing his quest to keep his team relevant, unleashing a flurry of unconventionally clever off-brand tactics and strategies during the season and offseason. Nothing lasts forever, and the Belichick-era Patriots are realistically at the tail-end of what will always be considered one of the greatest dynasties in the history of professional sports. But until the day Bill puts down the headset for good, it’s clear that he’ll continue to do everything in his ability to remain relevant, putting in the maximum amount of thought on every decision and play every week, during every one of his remaining years as Head Coach of the Patriots.

The best chant at any Patriots game I’ve ever heard is the traditional, twice-a-year, constant classic that never fails to make an appearance at a Pats/Jets game. It’s always a little different, but if you listen closely during Sunday’s game, you might be able to overhear the sonorous sounds of a capacity crowd chanting something similar to “J-E-T-S S-U-C-K. JETS SUCK, SUCK, SUCK, SUCK, SUCK, SUCK, SUCK.”

Music to the ears and undeniable poetry in motion.


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