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Patriots Seven-Round Mock Draft (No Trades)

It is finally draft week and what could be more exciting than reading about another mock draft? But this time, there’s a twist. Because you have likely seen all of the mock draft possibilities, I chose to create one that involves no draft day trades by New England.

Is it anticipated to happen? Absolutely not. Is it interesting to imagine? Very much so.

Round One: Pick 21

Andrew Booth Jr. – CB – Clemson

The Patriots have several potential options to choose from in the first round. With many areas of need to address, who they select will mostly depend on who falls to them. In this mock draft, they look to replace J.C. Jackson with one of the top names at the position, Andrew Booth Jr.

After losing both Jackson and Stephon Gilmore in 2021, Booth has big shoes to fill if drafted by the Patriots. He has the potential to become a star in the league quickly with proper coaching and development, which he displayed throughout his time at Clemson.

Booth is a talented athlete with great awareness and playmaking abilities. He brings fiery competitiveness and toughness that would be a great addition to the Patriots’ defense, which Bill Belichick would love. The potential Booth has is sky-high and if the Patriots do select him, they may have found their CB of the future.

For an in-depth breakdown of Andrew Booth Jr check out his Prospect Profile.

Round Two: Pick 54

Drake Jackson – EDGE – USC

Although the defense wasn’t the biggest sore spot last season, down the stretch it became painfully obvious there needed some changes to be made. Addressing that issue quickly, the Patriots go with edge rusher Drake Jackson out of USC in round two.

Entering the draft as the sixth ranked prospect at his position, Jackson brings unique abilities to a defense. The combination of athleticism, speed and power made 2021 the best season during his college career; totaling 37 tackles, five sacks and 17 QB hurries in 414 snaps.

Jackson possesses versatility for his position, as he has also played inside linebacker. But he does have some work to improve upon before reaching his full potential. Who better to make him into a star than Belichick? Jackson could add the necessary spark needed to become an overall dominant unit.

Below are some of his college highlights, with the first clip showing a very impressive interception. Jackson does need to work on things like his balance and control as he explodes into the backfield. And the Patriots are a great place for him to develop and improve.

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Round Three: Pick 85

Brian Asamoah – LB – Oklahoma

There is a desperate need to add young and fast linebackers to the roster, especially with the departures of Dont’a Hightower and Jamie Collins. Because New England addressed two of their biggest needs in the first two rounds, they go with a commanding linebacker in Brian Asamoah with their third pick.

Described as a “see-ball, get-ball” type of player, Asamoah is exactly what New England needs. His consistency and awareness of the field made him the best defensive player for the Sooners in 2021, where he tallied 80 total tackles, three and a half tackles for loss, one sack and two forced fumbles.

The leadership, great tackling ability and consistency Asamoah has displayed would fit well within the Patriots’ system. He is a quality prospect with excellent technique that New England would select at great value with their third pick.

Round Four: Pick 127

Kyle Philips – WR – UCLA

Many mock drafts over the last few months have had the Patriots eyeing a receiver in the first round. Stocks have fluctuated during that time though, with most of the top names gone by pick 21. But with the addition of DeVante Parker this offseason, the need for a top talent at the position may not be necessary right now. There will be some great prospects available in the mid rounds for the Patriots to choose from, however. And in this mock draft, they go with Kyle Philips out of UCLA in round four.

He’s certainly not going to single-handedly improve New England’s offense. But Philips adds a slot receiver option while also having the potential to be a great punt returner. Throughout his college career, he made 25 punt returns averaging 19.8 yards per return and two touchdowns. With the departures of Gunner Olszewski and Brandon Bolden, this could become a big reason for Belichick to draft Philips.

Other than the great return skills, his last season at UCLA was noteworthy. In 2021, Philips brought in 59 receptions for 739 yards, ten touchdowns, and an impressive 104.9 QB rating when targeted. He’s a productive player, with the flexibility that would pair well with what New England likes most.

Round Five: Pick 158

Matt Waletzko – OT – North Dakota

Over the last few seasons, the Patriots’ offensive line has seen its fair share of troubles. Many players have been injured during that time, forcing others to play out of position. That left both Cam Newton and Mac Jones much more vulnerable, creating a stinging issue for any sort of offensive success.

As Mac Jones heads into his sophomore season in the NFL, keeping him protected will be treated with the utmost importance. With this in mind, Belichick selects Matt Waletzko out of North Dakota in the 5th round in this mock draft.

Towering at 6-foot-8 and 312 pounds, Waletzko could be a scary sight on the offensive line, with fellow giant Trent Brown lined up at right tackle. With his outstanding athletic ability and impeccable skills as a pass protector, he would give the Patriots the insurance for not only their offensive line but their quarterback as well.

The 2021 season was by far Waletzko’s best. He was on the field for 620 plays and gave up no sacks and just eight total pressures at left tackle. If he can maintain that production and get even better in the pros, New England would be fortunate to get him in the fifth round.

Round Six: Pick 183

Joshua Ezeudu – G – North Carolina

The Patriots add another offensive line piece in the sixth round of this mock. Joshua Ezeudu out of North Carolina has starting potential and with some good coaching could get there sooner rather than later.

With technically only two players at guard on the roster currently, Ezeudu would add much-needed depth to the position. At 6-foot-4 and 308 pounds, he has good size and athleticism paired with positional versatility to be a beneficial offensive piece. He played multiple positions including left and right tackle and left guard in college. His ability to be a plug-and-play player could make him a fascinating addition to New England.

Round Six: Pick 200

Joshua Williams – CB – Fayetteville State

Why not double-dip on CBs in the draft? Because they added a third pick in the sixth round, Belichick decides to draft Joshua Williams out of Fayetteville State, adding more depth to a vulnerable area.

Although Williams may have played at a smaller known school, he displays “big-school traits and talent.” Belichick and the Patriots are known for having an excellent eye and coaching these types of prospects. They could develop Williams into exactly what the team needs.

As a former wide receiver in high school, and safety in prep school, Williams has instincts and agility that can’t be taught. He is a raw athlete with speed and agility better than your average six-foot-two corner. He also has vast experience with various special teams roles. The adaptability the Patriots love could make Williams a favorable addition.

Round Six: Pick 210

Curtis Brooks – DL – Cincinnati

In the continued effort to bulk up the defensive line, I have the Patriots selecting Curtis Brooks with their last 6th round pick. Ranking high in multiple PFF metrics, particularly in his pass rushing and run defense abilities, he would bring the much needed quickness New England’s DL needs.

The Patriots have struggled to stop mobile QB’s in recent years and Brooks’ strength and win rate percentages would be a welcomed improvement. His raw talent to easily get to the ball or the quarterback make him a desirable candidate to select, especially having to go against the likes of Josh Allen for years to come.

Round Seven: Pick 245

Slade Bolden – WR – Alabama

If there was ever a future Patriot to come out of the draft, Slade Bolden is near the top of that list. Attending the University of Alabama and catching passes from Mac Jones, it would be difficult to pass up reuniting the former teammates (and roommates).

The Patriots did select a possible slot receiver earlier in this mock draft, with Kyle Philips from UCLA. But Bolden’s connection and chemistry with their current quarterback make this selection far more intriguing. He has said to model his game after Julian Edelman, sharing similar size and backgrounds as former quarterbacks.

During his 2021 season, Bolden caught 42 receptions for 408 yards and three touchdowns. He would make for a good rotational player for the New England offense, with his reliable hands and savvy route-running. Bolden also has special teams experience, making him another versatile target for the Patriots.

How would we feel about this draft?

Given the unique nature of this draft, it is unlikely to actually happen. With Belichick already making trades three days prior to draft day, more trades will inevitably occur. But just looking at this draft for what it is, would you be happy with who was selected?

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