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Patriots Players Receive New Madden Ratings For Its 2023 Edition.

EA Sports gave fans a taste of the newest version of Madden by releasing the ratings for some of its players. Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson announced via social media that players made the top ten for pass catchers. Davante Adams ranks as the number one pass catcher in the game with a rating of 99.

The Patriots do not have anyone with an elite madden rating like Adams. They are one of the lowest-rated teams when it comes to this position. What happens when you refuse to pay a difference maker a few extra bucks. But I digress.

How did EA rate Belichick’s receiving core? It’s time to find out.

Patriots' WR and TE ratings in #Madden23 Hunter Henry: 84 DeVante Parker: 82 Kendrick Bourne: 81 Nelson Agholor: 81 Jakobi Meyers: 80 Jonnu Smith: 77 Ty Montgomery: 72 Tyquan Thornton: 69 Dalton Keene: 66 Lil'Jordan Humphrey: 66 Matthew Slater: 66 Devin Asiasi: 65 Tre Nixon: 64 — Alex Barth (@RealAlexBarth) July 18, 2022

Hunter Henry (TE): 84 Overall rating

Henry tops the list as the highest-rated pass catcher on the squad. It makes sense as he caught a touchdown in nearly every game last season, becoming Jones’s favorite target in the red zone. His agility and athleticism are not his most vital attributes, but his high catch rating (93) and awareness (84) make him someone that every member of the Patriots nation can rely on when facing their buddy in an exhibition match.

Devante Parker (WR): 82 Overall rating

Parker joined the team at the beginning of the offseason via a trade with the Dolphins. Parker brings a lot to the table with his athleticism and crazy ability to catch anything thrown near him. But unfortunately, Madden does not see it that way.

Parker’s 82 rating ranks the highest of the WRs, but his catch rating is even more shocking. His agility and catch, being under 90, 86 to be exact, shocks me because he made a name for himself in South Beach as one of the few reliable targets for the QB carousel over the past few seasons.

His stats have dipped over the past few seasons due to injuries and a massive dip in performance. Was it his fault or the offense as a whole? I guess we’ll have to see come September.

Kendrick Bourne (WR): 81 Overall rating

When I was a student, teachers always rounded up when I received a grade with a nine. It’s common courtesy. Madden doesn’t think like this.

Kendrick Bourne has a speed rating of 89, while his acceleration is a bit odd. He sits as, However, hee of the fastest players on offense with explosiveness and deep threat ability. Any time Jones needed to air it out, Kendrick went airBorne to make the grab. He made a significant impact last season.

Nelson Agholor (WR): 81 Overall rating

The most disappointing receiver from 2021 ties the most successful receiver in ratings. Agholor struggled in 2021 to mimic his play with the Raiders. Agholor plays his best football when he can beat a defensive back at the line and book it downfield, catching a pass in stride for the score. Mac was more concerned with learning the offense and limiting his mistakes.

Agholor’s speed and acceleration rating come in at a 91, making him one of the fastest players on the depth chart. In year two, fans hope to see more of Agholor in black and silver rather than green and white.

Jakobi Meyers (WR): 80 Overall rating

Meyers filled Edelman’s shoes best in 2021, acting as the most reliable target in Mac’s offense. His catch rating proves that as he is the only Patriots receiver to earn a rating of 90 in that category, which makes sense as he caught 66% of his passes last season.

One aspect of his game that Madden did well constructing is Meyer’s ability to accelerate from defenders, giving him a 93 rating. In addition, once Meyers caught a pass, he did a fantastic job breaking away from defenders. As a result, his rating is fine with me; B- is not the worst thing in the world.

Jonnu Smith (TE): 77 Overall rating

The first player under an 80 seems fitting for another disappointing free agent signing. Smith’s catch in Buffalo made his contract worth it, but that is about it.

Most of his ratings float around the high 70s and low 80s. It seems absurd to think, but that is where I would have the struggling tight end. He failed to bring his skills with him from Tennessee last season. Hopefully, he will not be invisible 90% of the time.

Ty Montgomery II (RB/WR): 72 Overall rating

This rating seems fitting for the gadget guy signed by Belichick at the beginning of summer. Montgomery is not someone people expect to rush for 100+ yards and multiple scores per game. Instead, he moves the ball downfield and fills in gaps where needed.

He does everything well, not exceptionally well, which is fitting to give him a C rating.

Tyquan Thornton (WR): 69 Overall rating

Rookies rarely receive a high rating in their first Madden, but this seems like an opportunity to raise that grade from a D+ to a C-. Thornton brings something to the Patriots that has been lacking over the past few seasons, speed.

Thornton came out of the draft as the fastest receiver in his class. His speed can be used in many ways, such as with the deep ball or slant routes over the middle. If I am a die-hard Patriots fan, I am making him my focal point of the offense to bring New England its 7th Lombardi trophy, even if it is in the virtual world.

His rating will increase once the rest of the league sees what Belichick has in store for him. If not, he becomes another N’Keal Harry. Yikes.

Dalton Keane (TE): 66 Overall rating

Jonnu Smith put up better numbers than Keane in 2021. He should be grateful his rating is not lower. He is more of a blocking tight end; Harris has more use for him than Jones.

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