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Patriots Head Coach Jerod Mayo Is Already Making Some Bold Decisions

While it's been less than a week since parting ways with Bill Belichick, the Patriots are working diligently to build their new staff, and part of that process is looking for new coordinators.

There has been no indication that current offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien won't have a chance to retain his title, but they are considering all options. It's also being reported that both Steve and Brian Belichick (Bill's sons) have been invited to return next season.

New Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo doesn't want to waste any time. He's scheduled to interview Panthers OLBs coach Tem Lukabu for the defensive coordinator position.

Albert Breer reports, "There are going to be a few spots on the offensive staff where I think Jerod is going to look inside the organization and outside the organization. I think they are empowering Jerod Mayo to make a call to go find an offensive coordinator."

Mayo will certainly consider qualified candidates within the organization, but it's clear that the Krafts are comfortable giving him plenty of responsibility. He's making it clear that he will do his due diligence and is not afraid to do things his way.

There has still been no decision on the next general manager, or if there even will be one. It's being reported that both Matt Groh and Eliot Wolf will remain in their positions and have control over personnel decisions.

There are some interesting decisions being made, and it seems Mayo has his fingerprints over all of it. It'll be fascinating to see how it continues to shake out.


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