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Patriots 2023 Offseason Preview

How should the Patriots approach this crucial off-season ahead

After a tough loss against the Bills, the Patriots need to start and pivot towards the off-season. New England looked underwhelming for the 2022 season, and Mac Jones didn’t develop the way New England hoped he would. For multiple reasons, New England regressed since 2021. Here is a preview of the off-season the Patriots must ace to get back to being contenders.

Acquire A True Number One Receiver

New England’s receiving core shouldn’t have been as underwhelming as it was this season, and a large part of that is due to Matt Patricia. Kendrick Bourne is a dynamic receiver, yet he barely saw opportunities until the last few weeks of the season. Getting a true one receiver would help Mac Jones develop significantly, also it would help New England’s offense matchup with other dynamic teams in the AFC.

Getting a true number one receiver would also help the receivers currently on the roster. While Jakobi Meyers broke out this year, he is still likely a number two receiver. Devante Parker and Kendrick Bourne are also number two receivers. Allowing those receivers to play against less defensive attention would help them significantly.

Acquiring Brandin Cooks or Deandre Hopkins would be the best options. Hopkins may be available since currently the Cardinals have a lot of chaos going on, and they just fired their coach. Hopkins is also on a large contract which may make Arizona look to trade him for cap flexibility. Brandin Cooks would also be a great option.

Cooks has clearly shown that he wants to leave the Texans, and New England should certainly be interested. Cooks has had sixe seasons with over 1,000 receiving yards, and it has been done with numerous quarterbacks.

Cooks would be a good fit for New England, especially if they can get an upgrade at offensive coordinator. Brandin Cooks is the true number one receiver New England needs. He also brings some much needed speed.

Bring In An Offensive Mind To Be The Play-Caller

The NFL has become more dynamic offensively than ever, and New England has fallen behind. It is not a coincidence a majority of the teams in the NFL playoffs are coached by offensive-minded head coaches. Currently, the Patriots have a defensive coordinator in Matt Patricia as the offensive coordinator. As a result, the Patriots’ offense has been extremely shaky this year.

There are multiple good offensive minds the Patriots can add to their coaching staff. A great pick would be former Patriots’ offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. Bill has already been with New England and has an offensive pedigree.

Another option would be Kliff Kingsbury. While Kliff is not a good head coach, he has the potential to be a good play-caller or quarterbacks coach. He certainly has potential, and he could maybe start off as a quarterbacks coach. If New England could get O’Brien, Kingsbury, or both they already have upgraded from Matt Patricia. Bill O’Brien should be the number one priority as he is more experienced than Kliff Kingsbury.

In Short

Certainly, other needs present themselves: the need for a right tackle, clearing cap space and doing away with underachievers, finding veteran leadership with upcoming retirements, etc…, but the search for a true top weapon and an offensive mind that can bring the offense to a level that matches or exceeds their talent level are crucial for the progression of Mac Jones and the entire Patriots offense.

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