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These NFL Dark Horses May Steal The 2023 MVP

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The Champ's Nonsense NFL MVP Picks

The dictionary defines nonsense as words or phrases that do not make sense. Sometimes even foolish or unacceptable behavior. As the Stadium Rant brand champion, I have embraced this nonsense. It drives my thought process when I hop into the Yard of Streams or write a blog. Why? Because that is how these professional sports leagues are operating. Every day, more nonsense seems to pertain to a trade, a free agent signing, or just breaking news coming out of a franchise. Dalvin Cook AND DeAndre Hopkins could be Patriots by August. That’s nonsense.

However, I am not here to discuss that. I want to discuss players who will take over the league in 2023. Players dragged through the mud or just needed a new location for a fresh start. They aren’t the favorites by any sportsbook, but I see potential in them for a more than-stellar season. I am here to give you my picks for the NFL MVP winner. Sit back, grab a beverage, and listen to the champ give you a few players that will be in the most valuable player conversation by the end of the first half of the season. Put your bias aside and entertain these thoughts. Please?

Derek Carr Marches Into The MVP Conversation.

Derek Carr needs a hug. He has dealt with more off-field nonsense over the past few seasons than any other QB in the league. The Raiders benched him for Stidham when the team’s biggest problem was on the defensive side of the ball. How can the offense do anything when the defense refuses to give them an inch?

Carr found a way out of Sin City by landing with the New Orleans Saints. The Saints have a great offense but have yet to have someone who can confidently lead it. Players like Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, and even Chris Olave. His 24 touchdowns and 3522 passing yards will automatically increase with these weapons lining up alongside him.

I forgot to mention that Carr told the media that the news of his benching made his wife cry. Nothing pisses off a man more than seeing someone make his wife shed tears. Carr is out for revenge in 2023. Don’t sleep on my dude.

Mac Jones Is An X-factor Player Away From Shocking The NFL.

The peeps need to remember how well Mac Jones played during his rookie season. He played a seven-game stretch with two touchdowns and over 215 passing yards. He led the Pats to a playoff until the defense let Patriots Nation down. His 2022 season became an outlier when Matt Patricia fumbled the offense away nearly every week.

2023 is a fresh start for the Big Mac. The Patriots hired former Alabama Offensive Coordinator Bill O’Brien. He and Mac have quite the history, including Mac calling BOB during the season for advice on how to get the most out of the offense. BOB is not the only person to help him reach MVP status. Dalvin Cook shoots Mac up the rankings with his eventual signing. Jones needs a playmaker like Hopkins —someone Mac can rely on during critical plays and deep balls.

Once Cooks signs with New England after giving the Dolphins the double-birds as he ships up to Boston, too, Jones should be on everyone’s radar for the 2023 season.

Micah Parsons Brings the MVP Back To Defense.

The MVP award seems to be reserved for Quarterbacks. The Champ of the Peeps is getting bored of it. Other positions need to be recognized for their importance to the team. While there are many qualified studs to win it, only one comes to my mind.

Micah Parsons is the best linebacker I have seen step on an NFL field since Luke Kuechly. I wanted the Patriots to draft him over ANY QB in the 2021 draft. The Cowboys listened to the Champ.

Parsons averages 13 sacks in his two seasons, making him a threat to any quarterback. Parsons is taking the Cowboys to the next level in 2023 with his dominance on the field. I would not be surprised if he lands in the MVP conversation by Week 6.

Jared Goff Brings the MVP Back To The Motor City.

The Lions are going to shock the world in 2023. Dan Campbell has transformed this team into a pack of hungry wolves since he arrived in 2021. The defense plays more aggression. The offense looks more cohesive.

Jared Goff finished 2022 as a top-10 QB in the NFL. He ranked 6th in passing yards (4438), passing yards/game (261.1), and 5th in touchdowns (29). His offense remains a top defense threat thanks to guys like Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jameson Williams, and Marvin Jones. The new rookie RB, Jahmyr Gibbs, adds another element to the offense that can launch Goff to the top. Goff sits at 4000+ odds to win the award; I’d throw some paper at those numbers.

Justin Herbert Bolts Up the MVP Race

Justin Herbert has been sensational over his first few seasons in the league, but coaching has limited his success. Despite the Chargers’ team woes, Herbert still finished QB2 behind Pat Mahomes in 2022.

He added a new weapon on offense with Quinton Johnson. Kellen Moore seems a better fit for Herbert’s success than Staley. The Chargers have one of the most underrated WR cores in the NFL, with Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Quinton Johnson. Ekeler adds another element to the system with his hybrid style of the running back position.

Herbert intrigues me for an MVP this season. He’s going to turn some heads in 2023.

Jonathan Taylor Brings The Award Back To The Running Back Position

Jonathon Taylor has evolved into one of the best rushers in the league. His explosiveness and elusiveness make it impossible for any defender to take him down. He failed to rush for over 1000 yards in 2022 for the first time. I blame Matt Ryan and Frank Reich for that one.

2023 is a new season. The Colts drafted Anthony Richardson with their first pick, giving Taylor a QB that plays to his strengths as a rusher. This offense can transform into one of the most unique in the league. Richardson needs someone to help him move the ball downfield. Taylor can do it. He may even rush for 2000 yards. I see it. Do you?


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