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Panthers Review- Baker and Rhule looks ahead to Week Six after another loss

After a tough match-up to the San Francisco 49ers the Panthers fourth loss of the season, the Panthers Mayfield and Rhule are ready for Week Six if Rhule survives to Week Six

The Panthers played against a tough San Fransisco 49ers defense, leading their team to victory over the Panthers in a 37-15 victory in Week Five. The Panthers are now 1-4 last in the NFC South and currently holding the first pick in the 2023 NFL draft.

“Baker got checked for an injury at halftime”, Rhule says but Baker wasn’t taken out until the last possession of the game. 

Panthers Offense Falls Flat

Questions that the fans deserve to know, Rhule deflected. Especially when it comes down to his future in the Panthers organization. No one knows the timeline of if or when Rhule will get fired, he is now 1-27 when allowing 17+ points to the opposing team.

The Panther’s head coach also wouldn’t talk about Baker’s troubles as a quarterback. He wouldn’t compare last year’s season to this year’s season because Baker wasn’t with the Panthers, but the offense is playing the same as they did last year and still can’t win games.

However, Rhule did mention viewing the tapes to see where the team went wrong before wanting to answer questions about the team’s loss. Frankly after 11 losses in the last 12 its obvious to see where the team is going wrong.

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Baker was sacked six times and threw his first pick-six to Emmanuel Moseley, CB, which was a gut punch changing the momentum heading toward half-time.

Emmanuel Moseley pick-six and @49ers DC DeMeco Ryans loves it 🙌 📺: #SFvsCAR on CBS 📱: Stream on NFL+ — NFL (@NFL) October 9, 2022

Mayfield’s job was questioned. “Did you question my job? I’m confident with where I’m at. We have to figure it out and move forward.” 

Baker Mayfield is asked how he’s doing mentally with his job in question. His response: “Did you question my job?” — Sheena Quick (@Sheena_Marie3) October 10, 2022

“You want to get the ball to your best players, there were a lot of opportunities to give the ball to him and good things happened” when asked about CMC’s impact on the game. CMC had 14 rushing attempts for 54 and caught 7 of 12 targets for 50 yards and one score. Mayfield failed to take advantage of a banged up 49ers defense which lost multiple starters throughout the game.

While going into the Week Six match-up, “Keep pushing forward, there was an improvement,” says Mayfield. Some improvements were made by the team but Baker showed little to no improvement.

No official word about Baker’s ankle but the Panthers QB is in a boot, his left ankle is banged up. Baker being the starter for next week’s game may be in question, he will undergo a MRI in the morning. The Panthers also suffered a key injury on defense with star CB Jaycee Horn leaving the game with a hip injury.

If Baker is unable to go in Week Six, that would leave PJ Walker poised to start with former high school star and five start recruit Jacob Eason as the backup with him currently on the Panthers practice squad.

Looking back on Niners Empire Managing Editor Chris Polo’s prediction it was pretty much spot on, ”

The Panthers have been struggling this season while the 49ers have had the best defense in the NFL. With the return of Jimmie Ward, a scary defense just got even deeper.

The Panthers should stand little to no chance of beating the Niners in Week Five. Expect Baker Mayfield to be under immense pressure all game and be forced into making mistakes.

Bold Prediction: The 49ers force three turnovers on defense and sack Baker Mayfield six times in what will be a lopsided contest. Offensively, George Kittle will have his breakout game with 100-receiving yards and Jeff Wilson Jr. will accompany that with 100 yards on the ground.

Score prediction: 49ers win 27-6

Things don’t get much easier in Weeks Six and Seven with matches against the LA Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-6 is a real possibility for this team, and it’s hard to imagine Matt Rhule surviving that.



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