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Packers Player Receives Huge Praise From Eagles CB Darius Slay

All was not lost in the Green Bay Packers’ defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football. The elite defender in Darius Slay made some promising comments about the future of Green Bay with this young stud.

As you probably know, the Packers played in Philadelphia Sunday evening against the top NFL team, the Eagles. It was a back-and-forth bout, but poor defense and offensive turnovers resulted in the loss. Nothing was promising on the defensive side, but on the offense, one Packers player caught the attention of Slay. Darius Slay is a cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Many fans probably remember him for his long stint with the Detroit Lions. He was drafted by the Lions in 2013 and played seven seasons with them. Even at 31, Slay has proven to be in the elite cornerback conversation.

Which Packers Player Received Slay’s Praise?

A day after the loss in Philly, Darius Slay told listeners on his “Big Play Slay” show Monday about his thoughts towards Jordan Love. Jordan Love came in for the injured Aaron Rodgers late in the game and turned heads. Slay said, “Young buck come in. Actually did a very, very solid job.” He also went on to say, “Green Bay got a bright, bright future…’cause buddy was slinging it. I ain’t gonna lie, he low-key look like Aaron, like he been learning a lot.”

Some really cool stuff on Love from Darius Slay on his podcast/YT show. Slay's obviously played a long time, faced a lot of QBs. Imo this type of unprompted praise isn't nothing. "Green Bay got a bright, bright future . . . cuz buddy was slinging it." — Sam Holman (@Sam_DHolman) November 30, 2022

After a few shots to the midsection, quarterback Aaron Rodgers jogged into the locker room late in the third quarter of the game. Jordan Love was seen throwing on the sideline in case he had to come in for the injured Rodgers. After another long drive, Love finally had his first shot to showcase his abilities this season. He threw six completions on nine attempts for 113 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown was a dart thrown to rookie wide receiver Christian Watson. Rodgers plans to play on Sunday against the Chicago Bears, but this brief sample size is good news for the Packers.

Darius Slay just got cooked! — MJ🇺🇸 (@NYYDALFAN) November 28, 2022

Darius Slay Isn’t The Only Player Praising Jordan Love

These last two to three seasons may not be a waste for Jordan Love. To receive a comparison to a future hall-of-fame quarterback is excellent news for the future of Green Bay if Jordan Love chooses to stay. There have been talks about how Love feels and if he’d like to go elsewhere, but if Rodgers keeps getting banged up, Love could see a few more starts this season and will be able to prove that he’s either a starter or not. Fellow teammate De’Vondre Campbell had nothing but great things to say about Love.

“He’s a starting quarterback. He’s better than a lot of starting quarterbacks” – De’Vondre Campbell talking about Jordan Love — Hogg (@HoggNFL) November 28, 2022

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