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Packers #2 Mason Crosby: Will This Be His Final Year?

After 15 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, will this be the last dance for Mason Crosby?

Since joining the Packers in 2007, Mason Crosby has had a lot of ups and downs throughout his career. Nevertheless, he has yet to miss a game in this 15-year NFL career. He’s dealt with many minor issues throughout the years but still manages to either hit the uprights or shoot through for three points.

Mason Crosby has amassed 348 made field goals out of 432 attempted field goals. At the age of 37, he still manages to hit over an 80% made field goal percentage which is pretty damn good, especially when you’ve never missed a game in a 15-year span.

2022 Surgery

He recently underwent a minor scope procedure on his right knee in mid-July. This was to help fix the pain that he dealt with over the last season plus. With the season quickly approaching, he should be all healed up by week one. There’s nothing like doing your job without having to think about a lingering injury while also trying not to get destroyed by guys running at you.

With the recent procedure and Mason not getting any younger, the Packers brought in Gabe Brkic. Brkic is an undrafted rookie from the Oklahoma Sooners. Only time will tell if Brkic will be the new face of the Green and Gold for the 23-24 season. In Brkic’s four years at Oklahoma, he converted 57 out of 69 field goal attempts for just over 80% and he can also kick 50+ yards. A fresh pair of legs behind Mason Crosby in the depth chart is rarely a bad thing. Since Brkic received the Lou Groza Award for the best kicker in college football, it’s definitely a surprise that he went undrafted.


After the departure of Davante Adams, Pack Nation will need a strong year from Crosby and he can definitely deliver if he can play better than he did last year. Last year was a big down year for Mason, as he recorded his lowest field goal percentage since 2012. Aaron Rodgers rarely struggles to get the ball downfield so we’ll need #2 to fit the football between the uprights. Extra points have never been an issue for Crosby, mainly just field goal percentage.

In the last five games of the Packers season last year Mason Crosby had a perfect 7 for 7 field goals made with a long of 37. So the ideal situation this year will be for the offense to get the ball within the forty to make the special teams’ job a lot easier. I mean that’s the ideal situation every game but it doesn’t always go as planned due to dropped passes or solid defense.

Age Is Just A Number

We are currently living in an era where football players can play into their 40s. As a kicker, injuries aren’t as common as in other positions so kickers can play well into their 40s if they want or as long as a team is willing to pay them. Andrew Whitworth, who recently retired last season, was a 40-year-old offensive tackle with the Rams. There’s also a man named Tom Brady that is proving that age is just a number because he’s still slinging footballs at the age of 45 years old. So this may not be the end for Crosby but if he has another poor year, everyone knows what will happen.

Mason Crosby has been a household name for a long time, well, at least in Packers’ households. As long as he’s playing well and helping us win games, he can play as long as he wants. The National Football League is tough, if you aren’t performing well, you probably aren’t going to be around much longer.



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