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Orlando Magic Sign A Two Time NBA Champion

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is on the move. He will not return to the Denver Nuggets next season, having officially signed a contract with the Orlando Magic. ESPN NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the agreement is a three-year deal valued at 66 million dollars.

It was inevitable that Caldwell-Pope would not return to the Nuggets. Not only because he declined his $15.4 million player option but also because of Calvin Booth's comments, he said, “I think we’ll be OK if KCP doesn’t return.” That was a telling sign that KCP was a goner in Denver.

This is a shame as Caldwell-Pope was a very important piece to the Denver Nuggets 2023 Championship team. He was a reliable 3-point shooter and helped out their defense. He arguably was the third main piece to that team.

The loss of the Nuggets is a significant gain for the Orlando Magic. The Magic were in dire need of a player with Caldwell-Pope's abilities. Last season, their three-point attempts and percentage were dismal, marking their greatest vulnerability. Caldwell-Pope is expected to enhance their three-point performance and bolster their already impressive defensive lineup in Orlando.

The bigger losers in Caldwell-Pope signing with Orlando is the Philadelphia 76ers. They were rumored to heavily pursue Caldwell-Pope, but the 76ers obviously could not come to terms on a contract. Which if they're going to get Paul George, it would have been difficult to get Caldwell Pope at the contract he just signed with the Magic.

Caldwell-Pope will help this young core get to the next stage of there rebuild by getting a deep playoff run and at a pretty solid contract, the Magic will likely add more in free agency. Especially with the team also being linked to free agents like Paul George, Klay Thompson, and many more.


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