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One Sizzling Hot Take For Each NFL Team In 2023

I will try to predict one thing about each NFL team's 2023 season or the team's future due to the results of this coming season. I will then take this article and reflect on it next training camp to see how my predictions are coming. There is content for every NFL team in this piece. I hope you enjoy it regardless of your fanbase. This could include historical projections, surprising firings, interesting win totals, and more.

If you want to catch a game for one of your favorite teams, just click the image below!

Arizona Cardinals: Full Rebuild Time Again In AZ

There is a new regime in Arizona again, and their roster is still really thin; the schedule is challenging, and Caleb Williams is the crown jewel of the draft since Trevor Lawrence. This season will be rough, so getting a first and a second for Kyler can help recoup some assets for the team. Colt McCoy can be a serviceable bridge guy to get a Caleb.

The Cardinals will also trade Budda Baker for another second and fourth. After all that, they should have three first and three seconds from this regime to rebuild. Jonathan Gannon and this staff aren't tied to Kyler, and Williams is a better prospect. It's already started with the Isaiah Simmons & Josh Jones trades. Moving Budda and Kyler at the deadline to hungry, competitive teams could drive the prices up and maximize the value.

Atlanta Falcons: Bijan Goes Over 2300 Scrimmage Yards

Bijan is a spectacular talent who is going to an offense that had Tyler Allgeier produce 1200 scrimmage yards. Arthur Smith has experience with a workhorse back being featured in the offensive scheme.

Robinson will command targets in this offense and a 60% rushing share. Lastly, RBs drafted in the top 12 of the NFL draft have historically had stellar rookie campaigns with (Barkely, Zeke, Gurley, CMC, and Fournette) Robinson is arguably the best prospect of the bunch; he will be ELITE.

Baltimore Ravens: Roquan Smith Pushes For DPOY

The Ravens have always had a hard-nosed defense but have felt the impact of not having those mega-stars on defense. The Roquan Smith trade has given them a household name in the middle of the defense, established already.

His splits last year from before and after the trade to Baltimore are sizable, going from a 52.7 PFF grade on the Bears to an 84.7 on the Ravens. Baltimore understands how to use him and pays him handsomely; he will reward them and push 200 tackles and six or seven forced turnovers. He'll be the best player on the best defense.

Buffalo Bills: Latavius Murray Leads The Team In Rushing TDs

Everyone on the planet seems to be excited about James Cook, who should have a great season; most fans were expecting Harris to be the touchdown vulture, but he's currently injured. Then the Bills made a move that no one talks about; they signed Latavius Murray, who has been doing his thing for 11 seasons.

He will continue this trend of silently doing his work and making an impact. This is probably the best offense he's ever played on, and the team wants to take goal-line carries away from Josh Allen. Latavius is primed for double-digit touchdowns, but Cook will eat up the field, and Murray will cross the goal line.

Carolina Panthers: Brian Burns Leads League In Sacks

Going into a contract year, Burns has been impressive every year he has been in the league, and he will see the mega deal Nick Bosa will get soon and play like there is 30 million a year on the line because there is. Burns could easily be a 20+ sack guy.

Since the Panthers still won't be winning many games, he will be passed over for defensive player of the year, but he will have the credentials to be in that conversation. Bonus: Jaycee Horn pushes for the Comeback Player of the Year award even though Damar Hamlin will most likely take the award, but Horn will be one of the more deserving candidates according to the play on the field.

Chicago Bears: Justin Fields Throw For 4000 Rushes For 1100

Sorry to the "Justin Fields isn't a good passer" crowd, but this dude will finally explode. The Bears have been aggressive in putting together a functional offense. Acquiring DJ Moore and adding Darnell Wright, plus future picks, was a master stroke from Ryan Poles.

The third year for a quarterback is when they make the "jump," typically facilitated by an Elite pass catcher entering the offense and establishing that connection. We've seen Fields be spectacular on the ground, and he finally got top wideout to build a connection with.

Cincinnati Bengals: Chase Wins Offensive Player Of The Year

Jamarr Chase was hurt last year and still managed 87 receptions, 1046 yards, and nine touchdowns in 12 games. With an entire season to play, he will tear up the league. I think his aDot will rise, and he demands a 30% target share whenever he is on the field.

He and Burrow have an incredible connection, and we still haven't seen the best from either player. Wide receiver number one overall season incoming! Bonus: Chase goes beyond my expectations and wins MVP. The Bengals win the Super Bowl!

Cleveland Browns: All AFC North Goes 10-7 Browns Finish Last

Cleveland has been surrounded by controversy since the Deshaun Watson trade and extension, and it's time to see how that will work out for them finally. Watson has a whole offseason of preparation, which should knock off some of the rust. The offensive weapons are probably the best Watson has ever had.

However, even with this improvement, the North is just full of competition. I have predicted the whole division to go 10-7. The difference between first and last place will come down to tiebreakers and head-to-head matchups.

Dallas Cowboys: Finally Make It To A Conference Championship

This team is deep, dangerous, and not being hyped up. Dallas has had the third-highest-scoring offensive unit since 2020. Though they were a good team, they had had flaws before and were dealing with multiple unfortunate events: Dak snapping his ankle was probably the worst among these, and second was a massive outlier turnover season from Dak coming after all the over-hype of being "America's Team" has put them in a unique position for a Cowboys team because they don't have all the hype.

Adding players like Brandin Cooks & Stephon Gilmore has gone under the radar because the Eagles are the next hot thing. The boys will lose to the Hawks because of a Mike McCarthy mistake that Pete Carroll capitalizes on.

Denver Broncos: Will Push For For The Number One Pick

It turns out no one can help Russell Wilson get back something he has lost for good. The team is prime for success, but Russ is dragging them down; I don't think anyone around that train wreck has some bad taste in their mouth about Russ.

I know it was just one preseason game, but the first-team offense was out there and looked relatively uninspired. The Broncos have pieces but still can't seem to score 20 points in 48 minutes of football. They would be in much better shape if they take this season on the chin and get a Caleb Williams.

Detriot Lions: Jared Goff Throws For 50 Touchdowns

Goff threw 29 TDs, while Jamal Williams accounted for 17 rushing TDs. Jamal is in New Orleans now, and they drafted an elite pass-catching back with a premium pick (Gibbs). Last season, they moved up from the back half of the first to another premium pick and spent it on Jameson Williams.

Even though Jameson will miss games, it shows that the team is shifting into a more pass-happy attack. The Sun God is an elite receiver. Having Gibbs, Williams, Montgomery, and a great offensive line is the perfect recipe for a massive albeit outlier TD production.

Green Bay Packers: Watson & Doubs Are The Next Nelson & Cobb

Jordan Love has been quietly stringing together a great offseason, and there are minimum expectations outside of Green Bay, which bodes well for the group. I've been a massive fan of Christian Watson since learning of his existence, and what he showed in his rookie campaign gave me even more promise.

His separation and YAC numbers were top five type metrics. Meanwhile, Romeo Doubs has been a shining star during camp and joint practices and has shown out in the light preseason action he has had. These guys will grow with Love (no pun intended). I predict this offense will be efficient and explosive with these two playmakers. Sounds similar to Nelson Cobb and Rodgers.

Houston Texans: Tank Dell Has A 1000 Yard Season

The Texans are in massive need of a playmaker to step up and be a significant factor for Stroud and this ascending young roster. If Nathaniel "Tank" Dell can stay healthy for the full season, he will be the best offensive player on the team.

He has shown the ability to be productive, but he is already banged up coming off his great showing in the first week of the preseason against the Patriots (who still had some of their starters in). CJ will have to lock on to one of these targets, and the game name Tank is the most likely candidate.

Indianapolis Colts: Will Select Marvin Harrison JR

Jonathan Taylor's time in Indy could be over. Michael Pittman Jr has flashed but isn't a 1A type of receiver. He's more like Tee Higgins to Jamarr Chase in this scenario. This is a Colts team that won four games last year. AND might lose its best offensive weapon while installing a new staff, scheme, and QB.

They very well could have the worst record in the league if the Cardinals didn't exist. Giving Anthony Richardson a proven talent like MHJ can elevate his floor and raise his ceiling to an even new level.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Jags Have Four 1000-Yard Pass Catchers

Currently, I have Kirk, Ridley & Engram over 1,000 yards receiving, and Etienne is one big outlier game away from doing the same. Kirk & Engram have formed that elite connection with Lawrence that won't disappear. Etienne & Ridley are elite-level playmakers. Etienne will handle many more targets than last year and operate as more of an Eckler-type player.

It's essentially his second season. He should take the leap with less wear and tear from inside the tackle work. Ridley was one of the best receivers in football before mental health and behavior issues, NOT injury led to him missing time, and he is still in his prime with the best QB he has ever played with; he's getting over 1,000 yards this year.

Kansas City Chiefs: Fail To Make AFC Championship Game

It's hard to develop a positive hot take for this team. Anything outrageous they do is just expected at this point. So we are going the other way and having the Chiefs lose to the field in the divisional round. I'm unsure who will do it, but this isn't your father's AFC.

Almost every team is competent, and all it takes is a little misfire with Mahomes Magic to get bounced. This is unlikely, which is why it is a hot take, but getting to the second to the last game every season is nearly impossible. This isn't about the Chiefs being worse than last year; it's about most of the AFC stepping up and getting more talented.

Las Vegas Raiders: Aiden O Connell Pulls A Brock Purdy

I'm a Patriots guy, and I loved Jimmy when he was here, but at this point in his career, he is just not a stable bet to make. He is leaving one of the best offensive lines for a much less efficient unit, and he is not mobile, so he relies on his pocket.

One tweak, and he's on the shelf. Aiden will come in, and the offense will perform better. Next, Jimmy G knows he's on the bench facing modeling gigs. This team will have high-flying weeks but will ultimately have another underperforming season.

Los Angeles Chargers: Brandon Staley Fired Mid-Season For Moore

The Chargers have everything they need to succeed, but I predict a hot start on offense and a dreadful head coaching decision will lead to an ugly record. The Chargers can't afford to waste another season of Herbert's career with a dopey.

The offense's success will be because of Kellen Moore, and the Staley experience will be over & Moore will get the coach title. They will win a playoff game this year, and Herbert will look like the player everyone envisions him to be. Bonus: Quinten Johnston will be used to unlock the potential of this team and be the top rookie wide receiver this coming season.

Los Angeles Rams: Trade Aaron Donald To Contender At Deadline

Sean McVay and Les Snead sold out for a Super Bowl title, plain and simple. It was totally worth it. However, now the team is feeling the effects of these moves by selling players they spend heavy capital on for pennies on the dollar.

Matt Stafford, Cooper Kupp & Aaron Donald aren't getting any younger, plus this ownership group hasn't been shy to make massive moves. If Donald is healthy and playing at the level most of the league sees him as, they could get a "Trey Lance" package for AD (sorry, 49ers fans, I had to do it). This could be a massive piece for them as they try to build a sustainable future for this franchise.

Miami Dolphins: Fins Follow The "LA" Method & Trade For JT

Rumors have been flying about the connection between Miami and Jonathon Taylor. For good reason, they have already submitted a rejected trade offer, but Miami "remains in contact" with Indianapolis. Taylor would be like the final infinity stone added to the gauntlet for that offense.

They have an elite outside speed, making it impossible to stack the box, giving Taylor room to operate like he hasn't gotten in Indy. Now, it's true the Colts have a better o-line, but the reliance on the run game makes them more predictable and easier to defend. With a healthy Armestead protecting Tua's back, Hill, Waddle, and Taylor seem extremely difficult to game plan against.

Minnesota Vikings: Trade For Kyler Murray At The Deadline

The Vikings have too good of a team to be in a position to draft one of the top QBs in the 2024 draft. Kirk Cousins is only getting older and still has yet to put this team over the hump despite the scheme change and having some of the best weapons in football. This regime has shown the ability to make a big-time trade in the middle of the year (TJ Hockenson). So they offer their first and a third for Kyler since he's had injuries and doesn't look to be in the Cardinals' future plans anyway.

They are happy to have three firsts in this loaded 24' class. This also gives the Vikings the ability to move out of the Cousins contract and give Kyler a chance to come back this year in playoff positioning. If he stays in AZ, they won't start him this season. It's the best move for all parties involved. Imagine Kyler with a real offensive line, a play-caller with JJ, Addison, and Hockenson... Yikes.

New England Patriots: Offense Is Fun To Watch Again

Last year may have been the worst season of Patriots football I've watched in 26 years, and it seriously hurt to watch. I understand I wasn't around for the dark days before Brady and Belichick, but in my perspective, this was the worst I've seen because it wasn't even fun to watch the team play. Belichick put the offense behind the 8-ball, hurting almost every player except Rhamondre Stevenson.

All of that is behind us now, and the team has been making progress all offseason. The offensive line needs to be finalized, but the scheme and a solid group of pass catchers can work around that to be competitive in every game. Mac Jones will have a resurgent year, and the Patriots will be in the thick of things like they were in his rookie year before the "MattyP" experiment.

New Orleans Saints: Keandre Miller Is the Best In The Backfield

Alvin Kamara is still the guy as of right now, but his three-game absence is exactly what a rookie like Miller needs to showcase he has the skill to be the next great Saints back. Jamal Williams is there, but Miller will be used between the 20s and as the passing down back during the Kamara suspension.

I think this will be enough live-game action for Miller to prove he is the second guy on the field over Williams. Kamara has shown some inefficiency in between the tackles the past two years while still being an elite receiving back. This ground-and-pound workload can go to Miller to preserve Alive. However, Keandre was one of my sleeper running backs in the NFL draft, and he reminds me a lot of Rhamondre Stevenson. By season's end, the Saints will be ready to move on from Kamara and Williams to get Miller the ball more moving forward.

New York Giants: Darren Waller Has A Career High In TDs

My good friend Shane Carter said on 5th Down Territory there are many "if he can" guys in the NFL. Darren Waller happens to be one of them; if he can stay healthy in a Brian Daboll system, that needs to and will feature him.

The last time those things aligned, he had 107 receptions, nearly 1200 yards, and nine touchdowns. This year, he will be one of the most dangerous red-zone weapons in the entire NFL. Daniel Jones is going to love his new toy. Bonus: The Giants will take another step forward but have a worse record due to their demanding schedule.

New York Jets: Cook Is Another In Long Line Of Failed Signings

Everyone forgets that the Jets have been trying to bring in a big-name veteran running back for the last 20 years (Chris Johnson, Frank Gore, Matt Forte, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Le'von Bell). None of these players really worked out for the Jets.

Even if they had a good season, they were billed as the franchise's savior when brought in, even though they were not in their prime or dealing with multiple injuries. Both of these are true for Dalvin Cook; he doesn't have to deal with the savior hype, but they have the most significant expectation jump in the NFL. Can Cook hold up and be a productive team member? Sure, but he won't move the needle.

Philadelphia Eagles: Devonta Smith Out Plays AJ Brown

I have both players with 155 targets, Smith with 111 receptions and Brown with 98. Brown will have about 60 more yards but one less touchdown. Brown is one of the best receivers in the league, but Smith will live up to his draft hype and outperform his counterpart.

Both players will be amazing, but Smith will surprise people and have a better season. Bonus: Well, their receivers will do great. They will take a step back and get into the playoffs from a wild card birth.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Pickett Most Improved Player Of The Year

The Steelers have one of the league's best and most consistent organizations; Mike Tomlin is as relatable and cool as they come. They breed talent at the WR position and have done so again with Pickens and Johnson, so Pickett has a stable scheme and playmakers to get the ball to.

The last piece of the puzzle they didn't have last year was a solid online; they could be something with the additions of Broderick Jones and Issac Selumano. Everyone wants to be in on the year two QBs, and all the hype surrounds Ridder and Howell, but Pickett has had the most starting experience and sturdy foundation to play from.

San Francisco 49ers: The QBs Hype Is False, But It Doesn't Matter

Lance is a bust. I hate to say it, but his marred career has taken its toll. He looked indecisive, rushed, and rusty. Even his scoring drive was a wrong choice. Brock Purdy played exceptionally well last season, but nothing is to say that efficiency will happen again.

Sam Darnold may turn out to be the best-performing QB on the roster, but the 49ers will still win 10+ games and make it to at least the second round of the playoffs. This is an otherwise perfect roster and coaching staff, and it won't matter who the QB is until it's too late.

Seattle Seahawks: Seahawks Vs Cowboys In NFC Championship

This team is fantastic across the board, and their young and hungry offensive line plays with finesse and aggressiveness. Then the offense adds another elite talent in Jaxon Smith Njigba with Metcalf and Lockett, who may be the trio of weapons any QB could have. Tariq Woolen evolved into quite the defensive playmaker by pairing him with a lockdown cover corner in Devon Witherspoon, who gives them natural balance on the outside.

Jamal Adams is one of the best players in the box, and they brought back Bobby Wagner, who has elite championship experience. I think they edge out the 9ers and play as the division champs. Pete Carroll puts this team over the top; they could legitimately threaten to make the Super Bowl.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Baker Plays The Bucs Out Of Drafting QB

Baker Mayfield has had gotten the short end of the stick for most of his career; even being drafted number one overall hurt his career; In my opinion, it gave him all this heightened expectation.

No one believes in the guy anymore, and Evans and Godwin are arguably the best weapons he has ever had. I am saying he will push for MVP, or the Bucs will make a run, but I think they could sneak into the wildcard spot, effectively putting them out of range for a Drake Maye or Michael Penix draft pick.

Tennessee Titans: Tyjae Spears Makes Henry Expendable

This could be partially due to recency bias, but Spears has looked the part in the off-season, which was capped off with that amazing huddle and score during week two of the preseason. No one can replace what Derrick Henry does, but the Titans are trying to hold on to that 2018 AFC Championship run, but the pieces just don't fit anymore.

The offensive line is patchwork, Ryan Tannehill is not Tom Brady, and he regresses yearly. The secondary has holes all over the place. Vabrel has been able to coach this team to overachieve, but I have a real feeling they will be sellers at the deadline, like the Panthers did with CMC last year. Tyjae Spears could push the issue with his small sample size during the season.

Washington Commanders: Parting With Ron, Beiniemy Up At HC

Ron Riviera is a football guys football guy, but it's 2023, and the HC is typically the first to go when the team struggles. The first ten weeks of the season are brutal for the Commanders; they have a rough go of it record-wise.

Well, the offense is performing and looking fired up and energized. Well, the stacked defense looks uninterested and out of sync. The new ownership wants fresh blood in Eric Beinienmy, who has had incredible reviews and a reputation around the league. It gives them a new life, and they push for that last wildcard spot in the NFC.

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