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One 2024 Draft Target For Every AFC North Team

The AFC North Is A Blood Bath

While I mean that figuratively, with how many rivalries are in the division, those rivalries eventually lead to real blood on the field. Over the years, these teams have grown hatred for each other like no other and have indeed shown the pinnacle of rivalry in the NFL. This has worsened as both the Bengals and Ravens have seemingly found their stars of the future and are building up for the future, while the Steelers and Browns (while both solid) could be on the down.

However, each AFC North team wants to and needs to produce the best possible product every week, and if they want to do that, these are the guys they should target in this year's NFL draft.

(Note that the Browns do not own their first-round draft pick in the 2024 NFL draft)

Cincinnati Bengals: Brock Bowers, TE, UGA

The Bengals are decently low in the first round, sitting at number 18, but they will still get an elite pass-catching talent. Bowers is likely the second-best tight end prospect this century behind Kyle Pitts, and he will continue to prove that in the NFL. Bowers's incredible motor, insane speed and agility, and overall strength make him a matchup nightmare for opposing defense at all three levels.

If the Bengals add Bowers to an already loaded offense with Tee Higgins (possibly), Jamar Chase, and Joe Mixon, the entire AFC should be on watch. Not to mention that the tight end play has been more than rough since CJ Uzomah's departure, so Bowers would fill a massive need. 

Pittsburgh Steelers: Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson

Wiggins had a spectacular showing at the combine, and he will be rewarded for it by being picked up by Pittsburgh at 20. Wiggins was the fastest of any cornerback after running a blazing 4.28 forty-yard dash. Mixing it with a 36-inch vertical, Wiggins will be able to get to balls that few others would be able to.

While some may believe a quarterback would be the best move here, it wouldn't be the best option. If a quarterback isn't taken in the top five picks this year, they will likely be available in the second round, where the Steelers could grab them again. Wiggins would form a deadly cornerback duo with Joey Porter Jr. that could bolster the Steelers' defense for years.

Baltimore Ravens: Jer'Zhan Newton, DT, Illinois

Newton is explosive, and with Justin Madubuike re-signing on a four-year $98 million deal, it makes sense for Baltimore to get further into their line and gain a solid and fast defensive tackle. Newton is pro-ready and robust, and given how the Ravens love to draft based on strength and ability coming out of college, this is a match made in heaven.

Baltimore boasted one of the best defenses in the NFL last year, primarily due to incredible passing defense. If you add Newton to this defense and bolster the run-stopping even more, this could be the best defense in the NFL for years. 

Cleveland Browns: Xavier Worthy, WR, Texas

Despite the Browns not having a first-round draft pick, they still managed to draft an elite prospect who turned everyone's head at the combine. In a loaded receiver class, likely the best of the last decade, and with one of the most outstanding wide receiver prospects of all time, Marvin Harrison Jr., in the class, Worthy stole the show as he set a new record for the forty-yard dash at the combine with a 4.21.

Worthy blew everyone away, and while he was initially a third-round pick, he might have just played himself to the back of the second round. Worthy would give Cleveland an explosive playmaker who can torch defenders over the top, stretch the field, and take some pressure off Nick Chubb and Deshaun Watson. 

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