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Ohio State Just Answered Back To All Their Offseason Haters

It has been a crazy last few weeks for Ohio State, and a lot of it happened with their starting quarterback, Kyle McCord, leaving and going to Syracuse. 

Ohio State showed off their current quarterback room at the Cotton Bowl last Friday, and it was a night to forget for the entire room. 

Starter Devin Brown got injured early on in the game, and then Freshman quarterback Lincoln Kienholz had a rough night, but it wasn't his fault.

Ohio State needed to bring in a veteran quarterback to this room and they finally got their guy on Thursday. 

Will Howard

Kansas State quarterback Will Howard will be heading to the Buckeyes this season. Howard is a great athlete, and in 2023, he threw for 2,643 yards and 24 touchdowns, using his legs for nine scores. 

Ohio State hit this one out of the park. Howard will bring tons of experience into the room, and there will be a legit quarterback battle this offseason and a good one.


Ohio State is in a position to do great things next season with the right quarterback, and Howard can be that guy. Every Buckeye fan should be happy about this move because the team is better today. 

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