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Ohio State Is On The Verge Of Losing The Most Important Part Of Their Defense

Ohio State's season didn't go as planned after they dropped their third straight game against Michigan over the last three seasons, and another huge loss could come for the Buckeyes.

Duke's head coach, Mike Elko, left earlier this week to take the Texas A&M head coaching job, and Duke could make Knowles their new head man.

Ohio State fans should be worried about losing Knowles to Duke because there are a lot of arrows pointing in his direction that he will be the new head coach, and the big one is Knowles already spent time in Durham being Duke's defensive coordinator from 2010-2018 before leaving for Oklahoma State.

Knowles's history with the program and all the relationships he built there could end up leading him to get the head coaching job.

Ohio State Would Lose Their Star

This would be a significant move for Duke and would make them stay relevant in a weak ACC, but Ohio State would need to find a new leader for the defense, and it would seem like a huge blow since the defense finally looked like it was about to take off for years to come.

Knowles has been with the Buckeyes for two years now, and his first season calling the defense wasn't great, but in his second year, the defense balled out, and Knowles will be able to bring in guys he recruited to help run the defense he wants to run.

Ohio State would have to start from square one if they do lose Knowles, but the good thing is Ohio State has talent all over the defense, and it would become the most coveted coordinator job in college football.

We will have to wait and see if Knowles does get the Duke job, and if he does, that would be amazing to see him get to be a head coach somewhere and go back to his old stomping grounds, but at the same time, it would suck for Ohio State to lose their leader on defense

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